Suggestion for Menu Background Customization

The recent MCC update added the option to customize the background of the menu, and it includes every previous background that MCC has had. Except for one. It’s missing the original menu background from 2014. I’m well aware that the 2014 version of MCC is a far cry from the current version, but still. I mean they included EVERY OTHER background. It just seems weird not to include it.


That one was beautiful. I’d love to have it available for choice.

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it’d also be nice to include some, if not all, of the menu backgrounds from the original games. i know this would be more difficult, but it would mean so much for preservation sake


It’s likely new backgrounds will be added now it’s a feature, shame they only give one background in Infinite but what can you do.

I really like the option to change them, spent ages mixing and matching the backgrounds

They would have to be converted to whatever format the current background videos use, but it definitely seems a lot more feasible now that there is a dedicated feature for it. I would love to see the original loops from CE, H2, and H3.


yeah, i can imagine it’d be difficult, but not as difficult as it once seemed. although, i’m not a game designer, so i wouldn’t exactly know.

Aye, it was nice. Hope they put it in eventually.

One thing I want them to add is being able to choose the music that plays. Imagine booting up MCC and being greeted with the original Halo 2/3 music.