Suggestion for/feedback on HCS spectator screen

I was watching the HCS open qualifier tournament and a couple of things occured to me about the screen layout.

I’ve watched a lot of Gears Pro league and I think Halo could use one feature from the screen layout there. Namely the parts that show the utility and weapons each player is holding (sadly I cannot add a screenshot right now).
I believe this would be beneficial because due to the fast pace even the casters at times had trouble keeping track of what items each player was holding. It would be better for the spectators because a) the comments made by casters would be that much more informative and b) the spectators would be able to see important events that don’t happen to be on-screen at the time.
It would probably also make the job easier for the person who’s controlling the spectator camera.

Right now it shows players’ stats on-screen at all times, which is useful info. But we don’t need to see the personal stats all the time tbh and the person controlling the camera could simply at times show the scoreboard when it’s necessary.

Another thing I wanted to point out is that during some matches the kill feed wasn’t visible. I don’t know what the reason for this was but I think it’s important info in any given gametype.

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I find the Gears UI a bit too cluttered for my liking.

I’m not sure why so many games do it but I hate the wall hacks being able to see enemy players at all times. Takes away a lot of the suspense.