Suggestion: Disable Party Chat in Halo: Reach Playlists

Halo: Reach is a Halo Game like many other and we should be experiencing some of the fond memories that we had with Halo 2 and Halo 3 Online. The problem is however is that ever since Party Chat was made, it pretty much destroyed in-game chat. My suggestion here is to disable it in Some of the Matchmaking Playlists much like Modern Warfare 2’s System.

I have 3 Reasons for doing so…

1: Befriending

Many people can start a whole group of friends simply playing going on game-chat and having a conversation with a team-mate who also has a microphone present. Because Party Chat was made, this happens on a rare basis and its almost non-existent to meet a group of friends anymore because people in the Party are talking to friends on other games. If you disable Party Chat in some of the playlists like Living Dead and Action Sack then I’m sure that people will be able to befriend others again just like Halo 2 & 3.

2: Team Work

Searching a game without a team on playlists that are heavily team-based will ensure you an almost instant lose. The problem is however is that there are other people that like to go Lone Wolf in Halo Games and that can’t be changed. If you disable Party Chat then the ones who like to be in close communication can talk to the Lone Wolf teammates and this will discourage independant and silent gameplay. Competitive Gameplay will be bolstered if Party Chat is disabled in playlists like MLG, Team Slayer and The Arena.

3: Correct Use of the Mute Ban

Disabling Party Chat may make it so that you have to live with hearing a Squeaker, Jockey or Freshman but that is what the Mute Ban is for. The Mute Ban can be put into proper action if Party Chat is disabled and it will notify other people of any annoyances on Xbox Live.

Comment underneath this page on your thoughts about this…

I agree fully on Section 1, well I agree with all 3 but mainly Section 1: Befriending.

Halo 3 PRE-NXE is how I met a LOT of my friends that I still talk to to this very day, Party Chat came along and I only ever meet friends through other friends now.


I don’t want to be friends with the squeaky voiced 7 year old who thinks it’s so dam cool to say every single medal and kill he’s earning. OMG KILLING FRENZY! Oh my god you are muted.

And if people who want to lone wolf it will lone wolf it. With or without Party Chat. Disabling the feature won’t stop them. They’ll keep right on ignoring you cry and scream about how nobody is going for the objective.

All you’ll do is just piss of the people who want to play some Halo with their friends and not listen to the rest of the internet in all of it’s uncaring, racist, sexist, -Yoink- glory.

I don’t like the idea and never have. Part of why I stopped playing MW2 was because of this (and the game ended up not being fun for me).

There are times when I want to play a game and talk to my actual friends at the same time, I feel as tho I have the right to do so. When I do that I tend to go with the search preferences that put me on non-chatty teams and the like. I see no reason to prevent me from being able to chat with my friends in a party, and if you are concerned about getting new friends on your friends list: do you really want to add friends who wouldn’t talk to you if they had the party option available anyways?

Not only that but players would enter lobbies and mute everyone who isn’t a friend and the mute ban would run rampant.

I agree, people with mics in a game should be using them to aid their teammates. It’s also a slight unfair advantage when party chat users can evesdrop on the foe using proximity voice, but because of party chat the other team can’t hear back (assuming they aren’t in party chat too).

Although Nate brings up some good points in favor of it remaining in place.

I don’t see why (though it could create confusing conversations) the person in party chat can’t be allowed to hear and speak to bot their party and their in-game team at the same time.

No. I like my ears when they’re not bleeding, thank you.

Or perhaps create a Match Making function that attempts to filter Party Chat/people without mics and regular mic users into different lobbies?

> Or perhaps create a Match Making function that attempts to filter Party Chat/people without mics and regular mic users into different lobbies?

I like this idea, I mean, I really like this idea. Only problem I can forsee is it might make finding close matches harder, and if party chat/mic-less people go in together it might ensure some party chat users playing together some very easy games. Then again, that pretty much already happens anyways.

Then people wouldnt talk at all.

I’ve vied for this on the LIVE forums multiple times, but people seem too mentally ill to remember the simple “Mute” button.

I don’t want Party Chat changed. It is annoying to have it forced off in COD. If I want to be in Party Chat to have conversations with friends while I play, I should be allowed to do so. I have no interest in befriending strangers on the internet (I have enough, thank you very much), and I have no interest coordinating strategy with the random or two on my team. I have never like this idea.

Teammates chat when winning matters. Winning doesn’t matter in Reach. Make winning matter in Halo 4 and teammates will chat again.

Blocking Xbox features from games is a terrible idea. Even Infinity Ward is backing off in playlists other than S&D.

Maybe in a few playlists. Not all.

No. Please no.

The only two reasons I have not gone deaf from this game is because of the graceful elegance of Xbox Live’s Party Chat feature, and the simplistic option of removing my microphone and turning my television’s audio volume to its minimum setting.

Here’s the thing. I’m all for it if most of my party is playing with me, but if I’m the only one, I don’t want to be forced into game chat so I can’t even talk to them. If I’m in a party it’s because I want to talk to friends. If I’m not, I want to talk to people in game. To force me to not be able to talk to them because I’m playing a match of Halo would just make me not want to play at all.

No. Bad idea. Make people unhappy. Bad, bad idea. Bad.

MW2 did this. MW2 had more 7 year olds than any other online I had ever played. I used Private Chat to compensate or simply muted everyone but my friends.

Why do you think stopping parties will reverse that for a million other people?

This is a great idea!!, please 343, listen / read to the Halo competitive players (the majority of Halo population).
Disable the party chat just in ranked playlist, only on MLG and The Arena.
Is really annoying lose because teammates doesn’t have microphones to communicate or they’re in chat party.

its annoying especially when theres a need of game chat like in double team you have ur teamate staying in party chat knowing that there needs to be communication in doubles… -_-

Unfortunately, it won’t be done.

MW2 tried that to encourage communication. What really happened was a bunch of butthurt CoDkiddies complaining that they actually had to use teamwork in a team game, and the population dropped until party chat was enabled. The same will apply to Reach.

While I think that there’s absolutely no justification for party chat thanks to the mute button and good ol’ fashioned common sense, it wouldn’t be a wise business decision on 343’s part.