[Suggestion] Destructible Environments?

> On whether or not they’ve been fighting an uphill battle with fans simply because they’re not Bungie:
> “When people see what we’ve been able to achieve technologically, and how both careful and ambitious we’ve been with the gameplay — those things sound contradictory but they’re not — I think they’ll become more and more confident [in us].”
> -OXM

Do you think destructible environments (at least in campaign) would fit in with Halo?
I do, but only with certain set-pieces, such as Battlefield 3’s destruction. Being able to blow up everything is laggy, unneeded, and kind of ridiculous for an Arena Shooter.

Please leave your suggestions, opinions, (good or bad, I’d love to hear them) and feedback below.

There already are destructible environments in Halo Reach. Shoot at anything that explodes, that’s destructible. Jersey barriers that take serious damage, that’s destructible.

I am not sure what you mean specifically? Perhaps serious components such as walls? Either way, it is something that has already been implemented on a small scale, but if you mean on a much larger scale, well there is no reason they wouldn’t go bigger. :slight_smile:

Some destructability would be a nice change in halo. Not to the point of battlefield of course, but some would be cool.

I can see it happening in both campaign and multiplayer. I can only see it with certain pieces though like doors. I think I know 343i knows it will be laggy if they made everything destructible as they probably tested it already.

I wouldn’t mind “semi” destructible environments like in Gears

> Some destructability would be a nice change in halo. Not to the point of battlefield of course, but some would be cool.

i agree

didnt Halo4Follower say that there could possibly be semi-destructable environments in H4? Of course,he has been known to be unreliable multiple times,so I cant be sure.

If there was any,it would be something cool,but it should be select objects, not every single structure. and DEFINITELY nothing on the scale of Red Faction: Guerilla.

The main reason destructable environments could be a problem is because of the game having 4 player co op campaign. All that extra power needed to produce the destructable environments could take away alot of processing power. If theres space left over maybe, but id rather they not take away from the campaign to so you can blow up some insignificant piece of scenery.