Suggested playlist: warzone solo?

What do you guys think? Has anyone come up with idea?
A copy and paste of warzone except the fireteam limit restriction is set to 1 to avoid fighting against a coordinated team of tryhards?

Not likely, it would ruin the population of the playlists of ‘Warzone’ and ‘Warzone Solo’ by placing them apart. The most you can do is try and get a team together through LFGs in Discord or on Xbox. Matching teams in Warzone is just something that is part of the game.

In my observations, it’s not squads that are the problem, per say, it’s communication that solo players have the biggest issue with. Squads are far more likely to be communicating with each other than a team made of solo players. Therefore, what solo players really hate is the other team being able to communicate while their team chooses not to.

So what you’re really asking for in a “Warzone Solo” playlist is for no team communication to be going on.

I think the last thing H5 needs is more of the same playlists to split up the population even more. Probably a better option for Infinite.

Warzone Solo is borderline battle royale. Doesn’t sit well with me already.

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> Warzone Solo is borderline battle royale. Doesn’t sit well with me already.

Perhaps you’re thinking OP was suggesting a Warzone FFA mode? If so, that’s not the case. He’s just suggesting regular Warzone with a fireteam limit of 1 a.k.a. no squads.

If there going to set matchmaking for Warzone to 1…they may as well just give us Warzone custom games ps I’m being serious since it’s odd that we can only play it online.

As others have said…it does sound like OP meant free for all…I guess that could work but it might be too chaotic.