Suddenly banned?

I was playing Grifball trying to grind out some XP to get my ODST helmet, naturally at least two of the other players in the match were AFK. Midmatch the game freezes, says its looking for a new host, then it looks like everyone else quit and the game ends. I’m dumped back into matchmaking for 10 seconds before being told someone in my party has been banned from matchmaking even though I was playing by myself. I try starting matchmaking again only to be told I’ve been temporarily banned from matchmaking for 24 hours.

I would love to know why I’ve been banned considering I was just running the unmodified game, I’ve got good network speed, I didn’t even betray anyone. Just being told you can’t work towards any unlocks for a full day without explanation or appeal sucks.

Please use the ban thread linked belows for any queries on matchmaking bans