Sudden extreme drops in fps

So a little background: Pc has some aged Hardware, NVidia RTX-970 and I7 38xx CPU, 16GB RAM. However Halo Infinite is Running at a perfect 60fps if i set the minimum fps to 60.

Now at random point the game and my whole computer nearly freezes. So what happens is that the game runs at ~60 fps and then all of the sudden drop to what I would say is 0,5 frames per second, so a refresh every other second. Most of the time I just close the game as to not be a bother for my teammates. The weird thing is, it’s not just the game that shows this drop in FPS, but the whole PC. So if I drag around the windows explorer it also has a very low refresh rate.

Anybody have any idea why this happens? I can’t imagine the game being the cause as it’s running perfectly fine up until the moment the FPS just drops out of nowhere.

So I just did a complete clean install of windows, I refreshed the cool paste of my GPU and was thinking about over clocking my GPU to see if that fixes it.