Such a Great Way to Start off a Trilogy, 343.

Guys, I love your game, and I understand that 4 is your first title, but seriously? Who came up with this code nonsense? Would it really have been so hard to just give everyone the Specializations at launch with the game? It would’ve saved you (and us) a metric yoinkload of trouble.

I really just don’t get it. Why would you do this? You guys realize that stuff like this is going to cause people to not play your games, right?

I (and I’m sure that 90% of the community) wish that you guys would quit this ‘behind closed doors’ stuff. Your updates on the situation could be a bit more frequent. For your sake, and the sakes of your players, I dearly hope you DON’T ever do anything like or even remotely like this in ANY of your future titles. It’ll cost you sales, money and people.


Specializations aren’t too important. They NEED to fix the -Yoink- they call War Games.

If they don’t and continue the stupid -Yoink- they’re doing in Halo 5, at least we know Halo died with Bungie.

Btw fix the censors. Not my fault I went past the filter.

343 loves to rip people off. i will never buy another 343 product because of this.