Subtitles on every Spartan Ops episode?

Hello 343i and Halo fans,

First at all, congrats to you guys (343i) making Halo 4 a spectacular game. =)

I am a hearing impaired person.

As I was looking forward to seeing the new episodes of Spartan Ops, I am very disappointed that every episode doesn’t have closed captions for me (and other people who have learn English as a second language) to read what the people’s conversations, apart from Converant’s ‘foreign’ language. You can make on and off for closed captions.

Could you please make an effort to do this so people like me to have a better understanding about the story of Spartan Ops?

Thanks. =)

This, and colorblind mode. Let’s go, 343i.

I’m pretty sure you can just toggle it…

I have it.