Subtile things that made Halo 3 great, which should be in Halo 4

I tried Halo 3 yesterday to see how things felt compared to Reach, and overall 3 had just a better feel, let me explain why:

Grenade release - In Halo 3 the grenades were small and came out of your hand a split second after you pressed the button (not to mention they were balanced). In Reach they are huge, overpowered, and take longer to release, and I find it a lot harder to stick people.

Sniper rifle - In 3 it didn’t take up half your screen and the bullets registered more. I hear in Reach people have a larger hit box for the head, but I find myself never getting a headshot, while in Halo 3 I snipe like a pro, no scopes left and right.

Movement - I’d say keep equipment in Halo 4 but leave sprint (similar to CoD). Halo 3’s movement was a lot more… manuverable and smooth, in Reach it’s clunky and slow.

Forge colors - Halo 3 things were more appealing in forge, and while Reach’s forge is good, you only have grey and blue, and not to mention you only really have two maps to forge on.

DMR - I know this one is said a lot but there’s no better feeling in Halo than getting a 4 shot with a BR. Also, bloom ruins the DMR, but you’ve already heard this so I won’t explain.

Anyway, those were the subtile things in Halo 3 that I noticed were lacking in Reach and I’d like to see in Halo 4.

I’d like to point out some of those things aren’t very subtle :P. definately agree equpiment should return of aa’s.
Whilst i thought about keeping sprint. i think it too should go. the run in beatdown or with sword etc method is rubbish.
Halo 2 and 3 worked fine without sprint.
The main thing that i liked about halo 3 over reach is that everyone on it starts out the same, balanced!
loadouts and aa’s whilst apparantly balanced, mean people start differently. This isn’t halo!

Subtle things that i like from halo 3 over halo reach is the feeling on maps like high ground where you use the grav lift to sneak into the base and open the gate. The need to win because doing so nets you an exp, rather than it doesnt matter because everybody wins in halo reach (the competitve side of reach, via credits and the arena was awful, and one of the main reasons i disliked it).

I liked all the secret jumps you could make in halo 3. Whilst i never played reach enough to learn any of these, i doubt there were many, as sprint or jetpack, would have spoiled them.

The sound and feeling of unloading smg’s and spikers into an enemy, and then the satisfaction of reloading them.

The bleed through effect from shields to health (something halo 4 should have)

A weird thing is the feeling of being sniped by a jackal with a beam rifle on legendary, dying instantly. The focus rifle, while a cool weapon, was no way a replacement for the beam rifle, and it left the covenant alot weaker and the game alot easier on legendary. I always remember the second level of halo 2, with the alley of jackals with beam rifles. So hard on legendary!

The feeling of getting to and activating camo and ovy. Camo aa was shocking, and like aa’s in general, ruined the need for map control.

Launching a power drain into the air across the map, hoping to hit as many enemies as possible.

The feeling of a symmetical map, being able to spawn and knowing the other team is in the exact same position as you.

And my biggest subtle thing that made halo 3 great and reach suck. the combat names. Hitting them from behind is an assasination, not a beatdown. And hitting them from the front is a beatdown, not pummeled (what a stupid name). Animated assasinations should be called executions or something along those lines.