Submitted a ticket for Monster skins. No reply

This is the ticket message I wrote to 343. Haven’t got a response yet. Don’t think they actually care anyway. Been a few days. I know it sounds like a sob story and all. But, the worst part. It all true. Lol.

I just want my stupid skins I paid for. Paid with my life lol. It hurts that I have to expose and embarrass myself for something that should not be a big deal. For me. It’s everything. Halo is my one thing I jave in this life and I can’t even get that. Lol

Don’t actually know if someone will read this or not, or even care, but here it goes. About a year ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. This was caused by excessive drinking of a sugary drink known as Monster Energy. I love the Halo franchise, the only reason I had an Xbox and the only reason I invested in a “Gaming Pc”. I wanted all as much stuff for the game as possible. So I bought and drank many energy drinks for these beautiful green weapon skins known as “Adrenal”. A year later, my dreams have come true and Halo Infinite releases. I was so excited to be one of the few people with these skins. Except, I log in and there is nothing. I look and look, only to find the Adrenal Battle Rifle skin and tons of XP boosts from the many cans. I look more and more and there’s nothing. This was the most heartbreaking thing I’ve encountered in a long awhile. You know, life isn’t so great for me right now. No job, no school, possibly going through a divorce if we can’t work it out, and Type 2 Diabetes. I have to inject myself with this Insulin every night in my belly before bed. Take 2 Metformen pulls and this Januvia to protect my kidneys everyday. The one time I wanted something good to happen in my life, was instantly shot down. It’s like I gave up my life style just for a simple few skins. Just to lose again, lose all hope that something good would actually happen to me. The worst part is, if you get this far. I guarantee, the only response I’m going to get is. “Sorry, we don’t handle those promos”. Which I can understand if it’s out of your reach. I just wanted something to go my way for once. But, trying to get those skins. End up with a life long heart break. Can’t hike, hunt, fish and run with my Pitbull no more. But, it’s all gone. After all that, I gave my life for this, just to receive nothing in return. Now everyday I cry I’m sleep and barely look my wife in the eye anymore because I’m ashamed of what I have done to my body. Just for some dam skins. Even now I can barely finish this ticket. Knowing that after all this. It’s probably not even going to matter.

I bought and drank many energy drinks for these beautiful green weapon skins

Couldn’t you have just dumped it out?

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Are you sure you’re right here? Do you need someone to talk?

You gave yourself diabetes and you are concerned with your skins?

I mean in all fairness I drank 50 cans of Rockstar, so I can’t judge you there, but as for your skins, I’m still missing my Jazwares WCT coatings and Megablox stuff iirc. I sent a support ticket, and this was their reply.

Tl;dr keep sending tickets for everyone missing promo stuff, since they claim that’s what we should do. The “link” is the waypoint support page, but I can’t post links, so they were removed from the email.

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Could’ve but wasn’t thinking about that at that time

Lol I wish. It wouldn’t matter anyway. Because I’d still wake with diabetes

Doctor said its only Type 2. If I start doing this and that. There’s a chance I could get rid of it. So I bought a meal prep book and a gym membership to EOS fitness. But as of right now. I’m upset that I did all of that. Got diabetes from it. And got absolutely nothing in return

Furthermore, why haven’t I received any answers about why I still don’t have my skins?

I still have yet to get my response

Did you pay for ticket priority?

So with regards to the actual post topic, I have no idea what in gods name I just read and I’m going to pretend I didn’t see words to the effect of ‘I gave myself diabetes for a monster skin’.

Secondly, I can help you on the diabetes front. With type 2 diabetes it is entirely possible to return your body to what is essentially a state prior to diabetic. I’m type 2 diabetic and I’ve brought my hb1ac levels back down to what is considered normal. You will need to simply exercise, eat healthy and reduce sugar intake.

On a personal level, only you are responsible for what you put into your body (unless medically supervised by a responsible third party with regards to medicines etc etc). You’ll find no sympathy on the internet by saying an item in a game gave you diabetes. You gave you diabetes. The sooner you own that, the quicker you’ll start to make the mental progress to overcoming what you did to yourself. I know, I’ve been there.

Finally if you take nothing from this thread. Drink sugar free monster. Or water for gods sake.

You didn’t read the other comments I replied to already did you? I’m not looking for sympathy. Because regardless, I will wake up with it tomorrow anyway lol. I’ve been taking measures to be better. Got a meal prep and diet book. And a gym membership with my buddy helping me get back on track. I’m just really pissed I did all that and got nothing in return besides diabetes. With my A1C being so high, I was denied for the Army and Navy. I applied hoping to change my life. But this one thing. Ruined it. Yeah it was my fault. But in the end. I didn’t get nothing for it.

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Lol wtf hahahaha. Please tell me that isn’t a thing

I got a same issue about missing monster loadout and still no reply, did 343 reply or solve your problem already?

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Nope, They said Monster Energy can help. So I contacted them. But honestly I think the guy I was talking to took them. because he was like there just an emblem and exp