Submit your Spartan, be creative!

Here submit your Spartan.
You can include:
Service tag
Armour variants and modules

Be creative!
I’d like to hear on what other people can create!
Heres an example of my spartan:


He is one of the smartest spartans out there. He carries a Battle rifle and a shotgun, he uses his wits and pure precision to eliminate his targets. He is a very team based and cooperative style spartan that likes to help others in need. His main job is to help and heal other spartans on the battlefield, even though he tends to stay back on the battlefield you really don’t want to be in line of fire of his shotgun.

His armour module:
Helmet: Recon
Torso: Soldier
Right shoulder + Left shoulder: War master
Fore arms: Inner-plated
Legs: Mark V
Visor: Frost

Primary: Silver
Secondary: Teal

Service tag: E077

Older variants of armour:
Helmet: Recon w/ UA/HUL(3)
Left shoulder: Hazop
Right shoulder: Gungnir
Chest: HP/Parafoil
Wrist: UA/bracer
Utility: Tactical/Soft case
Knee guards: FJ/Para
Visor: Silver

Primary: Silver
Secondary: Teal

This thread already exists.

> This thread already exists.

Beat me to it :confused:

Welcome to the forums, rapidiehardash! The waypoint is an amazing place with a really fun community! If I were you, I would browse around a little and get familiar with the forums. There is a place for everything here! A good first place to visit would be the “Roll Call” forum where you can officially make yourself known to the community :slight_smile: