Submit top Assassinations! Win KontrolFreek gear!

Hey guys! My name is Chris and I am doing a Top 5 Halo moments video series on my YouTube Channel! So far we have 2 episodes done (Kills & WTF) This week it is ASSASSINATIONS . The winner of each week has gotten there own KontrolFreek Product of there choice so far and will be the same for future episodes.HOW TO SUBMIT:

  • Clip MUST be HD - Must have DIRECT LINK to Clip. No Phone recordings. - Email the LINK to: - Clip MUST be longer then 15 Seconds.As I said the number one on each episode wins there very own KontrolFreek Product of there choice. If you dont know what KontrolFreek is you can find them here: KontrolFreek - Controller Accessories for PS5, PS4, Xbox & Switch for taking the time to read and I hope to see your videos fill up my inbox!Chris

KontrolFreek products suck

Nice to have new top 5 whatever going on for Halo 5… unfortunately I have no assassination this week. Does ground pound count as an assassination? xD

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> KontrolFreek products suck

Theres an assassination right there

Can it be a beat down? Or does it have to be a full assassination animation