Submit Fails

I would Like to start the Halo fails Montages up again and If you would like to be seen on Youtube, Send me your fails. with the Subject Halo Fails, and please add your Gamertag so that I can give you credit… Keep in touch with my via XBL or there to keep up with Progress… Xbl GT is K405NK0NFU510N

What if I’ve failed to have ever failed such that I could unfailingly email you my video of myself failing? :’(

Can we call them “Failures”? I just feel so dumb saying “fails” in that tense. It’s like saying “noob” or “bruh” or “trapezoid”.

Call them what you will but use your Xbox Record to Capture some “Failures”. IF you have to, go into theatre mode and go to free cam, then just hit play and play it out and say Xbox record that, when you find it. You can also Disable the Hud and stuff to so it’ll be a clean video. Not saying you guys don’t know how to, i’m just Educating the “noobs” lol

We have our First Fail submission, Keep them coming people!

It doesn’t matter how old the submissions/videos are, If you have one, send it along and I’ll Put as many as I can in. And whatever I don’t I’ll save for Future Episodes.