Submit a Map for Matchmaking

Welcome to the official Community Cartographer’s Thread, where you can submit Forge maps to be considered for Matchmaking!

In this thread, the Community Cartographers and the Matchmaking Systems Team will review submissions and work with map creators to polish their maps. If you have a map you’d like to submit, please do so in this format:

Map Name:
File Share Gamertag:
Canvas Map:
Last Updated:
Supported Game types:
Best Gametypes:
Intended Team Size(s):
Initial Ordnance:
Random Ordnance:
Weapons on Map: (if applicable)
Armor Abilities/Powerups on map:
Supported Vehicles:
Budget: ####/10000
Video Flythrough/Overview Link:
Map Description:
Does this map use players trait zones?
If so, please provide the details for each trait zone:
Additional Info (optional):

Additionally, please use the following checklist to make sure your map is ready for review:

-Map is “watertight” - hard and soft kills keep players inside the intended play space
-Any potential geometry holes are blocked / unreachable
-Spawn points are placed in logical locations and face logical directions
-No spawn points exist outside of the play area
-No objectionable content within the build space
-Weapons / pickups are not glitching through the map
-No highly exploitable areas that disrupt game balance
-The map has unique load-in cameras which show the play space
-Players do not get caught up or stuck on any forge pieces, man cannons, etc
-Any trait zones are clearly detailed in text form

If you’re here to check out and discuss Forge maps, please be constructive and respectful when providing feedback to the map creator. Non-constructive posts will not be tolerated.

Thanks for taking the time to follow these steps. Happy Forging!

  • Matchmaking Systems Team

Thanks for adding this! Me and my friends have been wondering how to submit maps for Matchmaking.

Just wondering, can we submit just gametypes? Like, if I want to submit a gametype for the Flood playlist, can I do that?

EDIT: When I have a map that’ll be good and ready for Matchmaking submission, I will definitely add a new post and submit the map.

Did you read how to submit?
It says: ‘Best gametypes’
If you fill in ‘flood’ then they probably know your map is a flood map.

> Did you read how to submit?
> It says: ‘Best gametypes’
> If you fill in ‘flood’ then they probably know your map is a flood map.

His post clearly ask if he can submit ‘just gametypes’ - not maps.

Well someone has to go first, so I might as well.

Map Name: Override
File Share Gamertag: The Proloe
Canvas Map: Impact
Last Updated: 01/04/13 18:49:17
Tags: Impact, Station, Override
Supported Game types: Slayer, CTF, Dominion, Extraction, Flood, KOTH, Oddball, Regicide
Best Gametypes: Slayer, Regicide, KOTH
Intended Team Size(s): 4-6

Initial Ordnance:

  • 2x Pulse Grenade x2
  • Shotgun
  • SAW
  • Scattershot

Random Ordnance:

  • 2x (DMR, BR, Carbine, Lightrifle, Boltshot, Railgun, Plasma Grenade x2, Frag Grenade x2)
  • Magnum, Plasma Pistol, Suppressor, Assault Rifle, Boltshot, Needler, Concussion Rifle, Frag Grenade x2
  • Spartan Laser, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Energy Sword, Gravity Hammer, Railgun, Shotgun, Incineration Cannon

Weapons on Map: None
Armor Abilities/Powerups on map: None
Supported Vehicles: None
Budget: 8085/10000


Video Flythrough:

Map Description: After the collision, the stations manual override was activated, with only a few hands to guide it to safety.

Trait Zones: None

Additional Information: I’ve been a forger since Halo 3, but I’ve only made a few real attempts at map making. This is one of those attempts, and my aim was to make something that looked and felt unique. I hope you consider this map for Matchmaking, and that you enjoy playing it.

Map Name: Monument
File Share’s Gamertag: Tompkinz813
Canvas: Impact
Last Updated: February 7th, 2013.
Tags: Tompkinz813, Monument, Slayer, CTF, Capture the Flag, 4v4, Flood
Supported Gametypes: Slayer, Flood, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag
Best Gametypes: Slayer, King of the Hill
Team sizes: 4 players each team

No initial ordnance
No random ordnance
Weapons on map: DMR, BR, Boltshot, Sticky Detonator, Needler, Plasma Pistol, Storm Rifle, Assault Rifle,Plasma Grenades, and Frag Grenades.
No Armor Abilities or Powerups on map
No vehicles
Budget: 4400/10000

Additional Info: BR, DMR, Storm Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Grenades, and Assault Rifle are all on 45 second respawn timers. Frag Grenades are on 30 second respawn timers. Boltshots are on 55 second respawn timers. Needler on 65 second respawn timer. Sticky Detonator on 3 minute respawn timer.

Update (February 21, 2013): Storm Rifle in bottom blue building has been removed. DMR in top blue building has been changed to a carbine. Boltshot on purple overlook has been changed to Carbine. Carbine has two spare clips and runs on 45 second respawn timer. Soft Kill Zone added over Silo 3. A few aesthetic changes (non-gameplay threatening).

Update (February 22, 2013): Spawning tweaked.


Video Walkthrough:

Follow this link to go to my File Share:

Map name: Gravity
File Share Gamertag: ZECU
Canvas map: Impact
Last Updated: Unknown
Tags: Grav Zones, Ghost, Mongoose, Banshees,Symmetrical, CTF, Slayer, Flood
Supported Gametypes: Flood,Slayer,CTF,Extraction
Best Gametypes:Flood, Slayer, CTF
Team sizes: 4v4
Initial Ordnance: Rocket Launcher
Random Ordinance: Railgun,Sticky Detonator, Overshield, Speed Boost, Damge Boost, Concussion Rifle, magnum, Spartan Lazer, DMR,BR,Sniper rifle, Beam Rifle.
Weapons on map: Incineration Cannon, Binary Rifle, Carbine,SAW,Plasma Pistol,Assault Rifle, Storm Rifle.
Armor Abilities on map: None
Vehicles: Ghost,Mongoose,Banshee
Budget: Unknown

Pictures: Click here

Additional Info: I’m very proud of this map and I think I did pretty well on it. It’s perfectly symmetrical and is slightly smaller than Haven. It consists of an indoor and outdoor area, with the outdoor area having low gravity. The map is multi-leveled and has vehicles. I have tested this map many times and I think it is very balanced. Indoors is spacious enough for ghosts and mongooses but you can still kill people on foot, while outdoors players can fly banshees or float around jumping on space rocks.

Map Name: Renury
File Share Gamertag: XreignZ
Canvas Map: Ravine
Last Updated: 1/30/13
Tags: PFLC
Supported Game types: Extraction, Oddball, CTF, Slayer, Regicide
Best Gametypes: 1-Site Extraction, Slayer
Intended Team Size(s): 4v4-5v5

Initial Ordnance: None
Random Ordnance: Railgun - (120s)
Weapons on Map: Sniper Rifle (120s), DMRs, Needlers, Covenant Carbines, Frag Grenades, Plasma Grenades
Armor Abilities/Powerups on map: Overshield (120s)
Supported Vehicles: None
Budget: 9610/10000


Video Flythrough/Overview Link:

Map Description:
Renury is a perfectly symmetrical 4v4-5v5 arena style map based on the likes of maps such as Sanctuary, Simplex, etc. This map is designed to keep you close to the action at all times, but does not force you unwillingly into the action as some smaller maps do.

Does this map use players trait zones?
No trait zones.

Additional Info (optional):
I have been attempting to build maps that are matchmaking worthy for a while and I believe this map has achieved that goal.
I’ve had very positive feedback when testing this map, even with people who didn’t approve of my previous maps, so I very much look forward to having Community Cartographers play on it.
(PS- There have been improvements since the screenshots/videos so the map looks the very very slightest bit different from what you see)

Map Name: Extermination
File Share Gamertag: TR Immortal
Canvas Map: Erosion
Last Updated:2/7/2013
Tags: extermination
Supported Game types: Slayer, Swat, CTF, KOTH, Regicide, and Oddball
Best Gametypes: Slayer & Swat
Intended Team Size(s):4v4

Initial Ordnance:Damage Boost, 2x Needler
Random Ordnance:Plasma Grenade, Frag Grenade,
Weapons on Map: 2x Sniper, 2x DMR
Armor Abilities/Powerups on map: Damage Boost (Initial Ordinance)
Supported Vehicles: None
Budget: 6650/10000

Video Flythrough: (Speed Forge) - YouTube
Map Description: 4v4 Symmetrical map, Gun and Ordinance placement same on both sides.

Does this map use players trait zones? No

Map Name: Ground Zero
File Share Gamertag: TR Immortal
Canvas Map: Impact
Last Updated: 2/7/2013
Tags: Ground Zero
Supported Game types: Big Team Battle, Team Slayer, CTF, KOTH
Best Gametypes: Big Team Battle
Intended Team Size(s): 8v8

Initial Ordnance: Rocket Launcher, 2x Sniper Rifles
Random Ordnance: Pulse/Plasma/Frag Grenade, Shotgun/Saw/Carbine, Incineration cannon/Binary Rifle/DMR, Sticky Detonator/Incineration cannon/Scatter Shot, Energy Sward/Gravity Hammer
Weapons on Map:None, all Ordinance
Armor Abilities/Powerups on map: None
Supported Vehicles: Mantis, Tank, 4x Warthog, 2x Banshee
Budget: 9520/10000

Video Flythrough:
Map Description: Hugh map on Impact designed for Big Team Battle.

Does this map use players trait zones? No

Map Name: Chan Ball
File Share Gamertag: BruceChan123
Map: Ravine Last Updated: 11/02/13 Tags: Grifball, Chan ball
Game types: Chan Ball, Grifball
Best Gametypes: Chan Ball, Grifball
Intended Team Size(s): 4-6
Initial Ordnance: None
Random Ordnance: None
Weapons on Map: None
Armor Abilities/Powerups on map: None
Vehicles: None
Budget: 1710/10000

There are gravity volumes and trait zones on the map. Base player spawns with thurter pack and a gravity hammer and a energy sword

Trait Zone Alpha Properties: payer gravity 50%, player speed 150%, ability usage unlimited, infinate amo, visual effect speed boost.

Map Name: Hazard
File Share Gamertag: TR Immortal
Canvas Map: Erosion
Last Updated: 2/7/2013
Tags: Hazard
Supported Game types: CTF, Slayer, Flood, KOTH, Oddball, Regicide, Swat
Best Gametypes: Slayer, Swat, Regicide
Intended Team Size(s): 5v5

Initial Ordnance: Rocket Launcher, 2x Sniper Rifle
Random Ordnance: Needler/Sticky Detonator/Saw/Boltshot/Suppressor/Shotgun/Concussion Rifle, Plasma/Frag Grenade,
Weapons on Map: None, all Ordinance
Armor Abilities/Powerups on map: None
Supported Vehicles: None
Budget: 6154/10000

Video Flythrough: - YouTube

Map Description: A closed in map on Erosion made with multiple levels.

Does this map use players trait zones? No

oh lala, I’m working on an infection map myself. Though I think two Warthogs and a Mantis might be a bit OP. Although Flood players get a damage boost to balance it out though I’m not sure.

I’ll edit this post once I complete it though.

Sandbox Remake from Halo 3

Changelog for v1.0 to v1.1:

Pulse Grenade added, walls serving as sand dunes were placed closer into the map, rocks replaced by pipes for a cleaner look


Map name on fileshare: RMK Sandbox
Gamertag of fileshare: Abstyler
Forge canvas: Erosion
Budget: 9860/10000
Last updated: 07 Feb 2013
Recommended players: 8 to 16
Supported gametypes: Slayer, CTF
Best gametypes: Slayer, CTF
Recommended gametypes: “Team Slayer BRs”, “BTB Slayer BRs” & “Classic CTF BRs” from my fileshare (Classic Halo 3 inspired gametypes with BR/Assault Rifle loadout. Identical settings except for sprint and instant respawn. Will be updated, once those can be turned off by default.)

Initial ordnance: Yes, 1x Overshield
Random ordnance: None
Weapons on map: 6x Battle Rifle, 2x Covenant Carbine, 2x Concussion Rifle (replacing Brute Shot), 2x Fuel Rod Gun (replacing Rocket Pod), 2x Rocket Launcher, 2x Needler, 8x Plasma Grenade, 2x Pulse Grenade (replacing Energy Drain)
Armor Abilities on Map: 2x Regeneration Field (replacing the Regen Pick Up), 1x Jetpack (replacing the Grav Lift Pick Up), 2x Hardlight Shield (replacing the Bubble Shield)
Vehicles on map: 2x Warthog, 4x Mongose, 2x Ghost (replacing Brute Chopper)

Video Walkthrough:


Additional Information:

The budget is almost maxed out, but there are a few objects that can be deleted, which serve no gameplay changing purpose.

How to contact me:

Best through Twitter @AbstylerVideos or on my Youtube Channel (there I have a lot more cool map remakes).

yes is there any way i could give you a reach map and possibly get it recreated i would really like to do it myself but i get sidetracked easily.
thanks in advance

P.S. if you want to look it up on reach the file is called rejection and it is made by savi0r117

or if someone would be willing to remake it for me that would be great thanks.

Map Name: Hydra
File Share Gamertag: Day Emay Eray
Canvas Map: Erosion
Last Updated: 04/07/13
Supported Game types: CTF, Flood, Grifball, KOTH, Oddball, Regicide, Slayer
Best Gametypes: Oddball, Regicide, Slayer
Intended Team Size(s): 2v2 - 4v4

Initial Ordnance:2xSuppressor, 2xNeedler, 2xDMR, 1xSword, 2xShotgun, 1xConcussion Rifle
Random Ordnance: N/A
Weapons on Map: N/A
Armor Abilities/Powerups on map: N/A
Supported Vehicles: N/A
Budget: 5850/10000

Screenshots: Upcoming…
Video Flythrough/Overview Link: If I do get a video it will be taken with a Kodak mini. so, yeah…
Map Description: Medium-Sized, Multi-Purpose map, there are numerous ways to get from one place to another, there is no base to the map, so you must be careful not to jump off of absolutely anywhere. The map is mostly symmetrical, with small variations throughout.

Trait zone within a gravity volume on either side of the map, trait zone: Player Gravity 50%, everything else is “Unchanged”.

Additional Info (optional): Created this map firstly on Halo: Reach under the name of Ground 0, recreated and renamed it later here on Halo 4, including making changes, enhancing the gameplay.

> or if someone would be willing to remake it for me that would be great thanks.

I will take a look at the map and I might make it for you. If i do I will put it up on my YouTube channel.

Map Name:Uncaged
File Share Gamertag:NukedlceCream (the “l” is a lowercase “L”)
Canvas Map:Ravine
Last Updated:February 7,2013
Supported Game types:
Team Slayer
Team Snipers/Swat
King of the Hill
Capture the Flag
Best Gametypes: 4v4 Slayer,4v4 CTF, Team Snipers/Swat
Intended Team Size(s): 4v4

Initial Ordnance:none
Random Ordnance:none
Weapons on Map:
4x Sticky Grenade (15 sec respawn)
2x Frag Grenade (15 sec respawn)
2x DMR (30 sec respawn,1 extra mag)
3x Covenant Carbine (30 sec respawn,1 extra mag)
1x Plasma Pistol (20 sec respawn)
1x Sniper (2 min respawn,1 extra mag)
1x Shotgun (90 sec respawn,1 extra mag)
1x Rockets (3 min respawn, 1 extra mag)
1x Sticky Detonator (2 min respawn, 2 extra mag)
Armor Abilities/Powerups on map:none
Supported Vehicles:none
Budget: 7770/10000


Video Flythrough/Overview Link:none

Map Description:A accurate remake of the Halo:Reach map Uncaged. Has all original weapons except needle rifles which are now carbines; and the grenade launcher that is now a sticky detonator. Has all original jumps that were in the original.

Does this map use players trait zones?
If so, please provide the details for each trait zone:

Map Name: Orbit 1.2
File Share Gamertag: ViiPeRz ViiSiOn
Canvas Map: Impact
Last Updated: 01/02/13
Tags: THFP
Supported Game types: Team Slayer, FFA Slayer, Oddball, King of the hill, CTF and flood.
Best Gametypes: Team/FFA Slayer and CTF
Intended Team Size(s): 8-10 Players recommended, can support up to 16, however that isn’t recommended.

Initial Ordnance: 2 Sniper rifles, 2 Shotguns, Rocket lancher, sticky detonator and grenades.
Random Ordnance: N/A
Weapons on Map: N/A
Armor Abilities/Powerups on map:N/A
Supported Vehicles: 2 mongooses on either side of the map and a neutral ghost.
Budget: 5265/10000

Video Flythrough/Overview Link:
Apologies for the bad commentary haha. It was my first video commentary.
Map Description: The map is a asymmetrical mid sized map designed for small to mid sized teams and gametypes. The map uses a small vehicle based path around the map, to be used by the mongooses and ghost. However a lot of infantry battles happen in these spaces. The center of the map is at a different height and doesn’t allow vehicle access, however this space can get very infectious with close quarters and one on one combat. The map theme is an orbital space station simulation used for spartan training.