Stupid game puts us into lopsided games?!?!?!

Ok I have no idea if its just me or if its just Halo 4 being totally limited but when you finish a game and it sends you to the next games lobby where you can vote for your map, when the game allocates you to a team why is it when there are only five players does the game set it up as four players on one team and the fifth guy on the other team by themselves? It’s stupid, I don’t know how many times I’ve ended up in a team of one against four other players when the game starts. Sure JiP means if I hold out long enough I’ll get teammates joining the game, but the problem shouldn’t exist in the first place, even CoD sorts you into teams of equal numbers. I know it’s not a huge issue, but it’s one of the issues that shouldn’t exist when the game comes out, much less so when the game is out for close to half a year.

I’m sorry about this rant, I just find it so stupid and annoying when I get into a five peron game and I’m on my own until I get some teammates join, and usually by that point the other team have got hold of the maps power weapons and have managed to get a decent score advantage. It would be fine if the teams were equal in numbers, at least you know you were outplayed skill wise, but the current system screws you over, even if you’re better as they have superior numbers.

Anyway, I apologise, my rant ended up a bit longer than I expected. I just hope 343i does something to rectify this.

Sometimes, it can be caused because the other 4 are teamed up.

However, I was in a team of 4 yesterday and we started a CTF game with the 4 of us+1 random against 1 Random.

Why the system didn’t at LEAST start us 2 v 4 i’ll never know!

Hey darkfire!

It is unfortunate but it happens to everyone. Hopefully the winds of change blow in with the upcoming TU.

It has happend to me alot, even one time there was me and 2 people playing with a guest each so i thought it would at least put me with one guy and his guest to play against the other guy with his guest but instead it put me alone,

It is wrong and should never happen, people quitting out of a game cant be helped but to start a game unbalanced should not happen,

Imagine if this was ranked games? it needs to be fixed and if people quit out of the lobby it should restart the search for more players

> Hey darkfire!
> It is unfortunate but it happens to everyone. Hopefully the winds of change blow in with the upcoming TU.

Hey man, long time no see! How are you? By the way, I can only respond on occasion, my Kindle doesn’t let me post on these forums so I can only post if I use my fiances ipad, which she guards with her life :confused:

Anyway, hopefully they will fix it, I love Halo 4 when I’m looking for a bit of “blow off steam” gameplay but when I want to play properly, I can’t get into it.

JIP is broken. The matchmaking code is designed around just starting the game and then filling out the open roster spots as the game progresses. It is not a good addition to Halo and it needs to be removed. There has been numerous times where the game has started 5 vs 0 when I wasn’t in a party, and to make matters worse it takes you into the game, the game then ends, and then you get 0 credits for your trouble.