Stupid challenges

I hate some of the challenges that they give, they are unfair because you have no control. For instance I had to get 25 kills with the mangler in the limited time mode, well it took me 13 games to complete the challenge because every time I got in a game I never got the mangler. Out of 13 games I only got the mangler twice. They should either not make it specific weapons or they should let you choose the weapon so it doesn’t take forever to do an easy challenge.

I have a few challenges coming up which will no doubt get swapped out…

3x Killjoy in SWAT
5x Disruptor kills

And the worst of the bunch…

Power Company: shock 4 enemy players in a single chain

It’s genuinely not worth wasting my time chasing any of these challenges, and I can only see myself getting bogged down if I try to complete them (with the exception of the Disruptor kills but even that is reliant on situations in Fiesta or getting a map where it spawns).

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