Stupid, broken game

Again, gameplay shows how broken this Halo 5 is. Two matches in a row 4v3. Yesterday, the issue was lag. No matter who the party leader was, both teams warping around. And, in 343’s infinite wisdom with rankings where we can now rank down faster than we rank up, and we can lose out rank to a lesser level, this is obviously annoying. Are they listening? Do they hear? Do they even care? Every time I play this game now it isn’t enjoyable. It’s annoying. Frustrating. Angering. I’ve started playing Destiny - and I must say it’s so fluid. Another great job from Bungie. I hope 343 doesn’t even THINK about Halo 6 until they fix this pile of dung called Halo 5.

Have a read over the matchmaking feedback posts that Dr. Menke has been posting in the Matchmaking forums. tl;dr yes they are listening and yes they do care. They have updates planned to resolve certain issues