Stuff on the halo 4 matchmaking

Hello, I brand new to this. so bare with me. You know how the ranking system in halo 3 was exploited and boosting and whatnot was born. well i have a solution:)We can put the same system in halo 4. A program for 343 that would search anyone who would quit 5 games in a row, also it would search if someone tried to be smart and quit 4 games and play 1, then quit another 4 games etc… It would also search for anyone in the ranked playlist who was getting 0-5 kills and 10 - whatever deaths. ie: anyone over -10. I know some players are bad and do bad ALL THE TIME. But if your level 45-50, and you go -10 you don’t deserve the rank (jus’ sayin’) and to add something. I know EVERYONE has a bad game. I have bad games sometime i go 20 - 1 OWNED! then next game go 8 - 17 or something like that. It sucks but that the name of the game. I feel like im just ranting and rambling but, Grow up. if your going to play a mature game you should be able to DEAL WITH IT. anyways. dont hate… but if you do, i will deal with it.

EDIT: I don’t see why this would be a problem to do. Get a good programmer, have them whip it up for you:)