Stuff I don't like(my opinion)

Hey guys just another dedicated fan here trying to make a difference. I’ve been posting on a few different forums about things i dont like about reach, and why. I’m going to copy my other forum posts almost exactly and if you agree or disagree just say so. (Btw I’m gonna try to keep this as short as possible)

First of all I’ll address the point discussed here
The OP brings up that ever since halo 3 came out, people have been complaining about the franchise and he thinks people are just complaining just to complain.

In response I said this:

> You may think that but you’re just wrong. The answer to why people have complained since halo 3 is not simple, and a lot of people don’t even know what exactly is bothering them when they complain, but I’ll try to sum it up as much as I can.
> The most common reasons are that many of the changes that bungie has made since halo 2 have eliminated aspects of fun and directly affected core concepts that made halo 2 such a great game. A couple of these concepts are the competitive nature of the game (mostly attributed to the level playing field in every game and the win/loss ratio required to rank up), and the multiplayer cooperation and strategy in the game no longer present in reach for reasons I won’t elaborate on to avoid a too long post.
> So when people get frustrated and complain, it is in most cases directly or indirectly because of these very tangible reasons, not just for the sake of complaining.

On another forum, the OP brings up the discussion of armor abilities in general.

My repsonse was:

> I personally HATE the armor abilities, although its not really easy to say why. I didn’t read all of these posts but I did see what the last poster said about the fact that the game should not be affected by decisions made before the start of the game, but I don’t think that’s necessarily true. (EDIT) Actually I do think there is something to this. Now that I’ve though about it a little more, it just reminds me of how much better it was when you had to fight for the camo and the overshield. Despite my other reasons for hating AAs, I think they would be a little more bearable if maybe they were on the map and you had to pick them up. That said, I would rather they be gone totally.
> What I DO know is that armor abilities, particularly the jet pack and to some extent the others, have removed a BIG factor from the gameplay and that’s the use of terrain strategically. The idea seemed to catch on slowly at first, but then they came out with maps like that one with the beach and the gate on halo 3 (whatever the hell its called). On that map and maps like it, you could use vantage points, bottlenecks, etc… and that was a big part of the fun to me. But now that there’s jet packs and infinite stealth+radar jam, you could just fly over the gate or simply walk through if you wanted, among other things.
> On top of all that, armor lock pisses me straight the (censored) off. It’s so stupid. Especially in matches of team slayer, which used to be hardcore competitive, where now people can (and often do) vote elite slayer and DERP I’M THROWING A PLASMA GRENADE UH OH I BETTER ARMOR LOCK. That’s just another aspect of play AAs take out: having to try not to blow yourself up.
> All that + bloom affect with the DMR, it all just seems like more ways for casuals to be able to get more kills and higher ranks (ooo don’t even get me started on the damn ranking system) without having to shoot as accurately, or cooperate with their team, or use terrain strategically, or think

And later someone mentions the population of casual players and also the reason game developers make changes to their games in the first place.

> You think casuals are the minority? Why do you think the call of duty franchise was so successful, and halo reach followed in it’s footsteps? This is based on only my observation, but casuals make up probably 75% of the fanbase of these games. Unfortunately you’re right though, game companies are businesses and a business will always cater to the majority of consumers, hence why call of duty and halo reach both suck. I could rage about this all day, but all I want is something fun, competitive and focused on skill and cooperation like halo 2 and (for the most part) halo 3
> [EDIT]
> Also to those talking about change for change’s sake, I think that’s sort of a tricky subject. From the point of view of CoD, it looks like they decided to just not make many changes in mw3, probably because they already had a huge fanbase who liked what they were doing so they just did what they were doing again and called it #3. As far as halo goes, they have been making pretty big changes since CE. Most notably are the ones in reach but they also added the new granades and stuff in halo 3. I think providing something fresh and new has been a small but ever-present motive, but the biggest influence was probably its competition ie CoD. They said “hey call of duty is getting a ton of players, lets try to copy what they’re doing”, then halo reach was born. I already listed these but a few big changes are 1. the casual ranking system 2. AA loadouts 3. reticle bloom/accuracy falloff. Fortunately 343 stepped in, hopefully they’ll fix these problems that ended up alienating dedicated players like me for the reasons that I stated in my previous post

In a youtube video I watched, there’s commentary about what the uploader thinks reticle bloom adds to the game.

Basically he said that reticle bloom in general added another level of skill to the game, which is the ability to time your shots well in order to shoot accurately. Then he said that the reticle bloom in reach is ineffective because it’s better to just spam your shots as fast as possible than to shoot slowly. So he thinks they should either increase the reticle bloom or get rid of it entirely.

I responded that reticle bloom should simple have never been introduced, because there is already enough of skill involved in winning. After aiming reasonably well, most valuable resource is your team. The biggest challenge is getting everyone to work together and shoot the same target. That’s why in halo 2 and 3 you would see this cooperation in almost every game in the high ranks. So shouldn’t that be the focus of the game? If people don’t even do that enough(which is just based on my experience in reach), then why would you possibly want them to introduce something else to make getting kills harder. Are you saying that it’s too easy to win without the reticle bloom, so there should be another factor in play? To me it’s just annoying and makes me more frustrated. For example when someone’s shield is down and they’re running away, and my crosshairs are directly on the center of their head but every shot misses. It makes the game less fun and is an unnecessary gimmick to attract CoD players.

Anyway sorry for the long post, and remember most of this stuff is just my opinion. Let me know what you guys think

wrong section, this is a halo reach thing, not halo4

> wrong section, this is a halo reach thing, not halo4

woops you’re right sorry. Edited it a bit

This is Halo 4. Not reach. You might want to copy and paste to Halo 4.