Stud Vs. Top 10000 (loboz)

I wanted to see how well infantry could work in anders mirriors now that most people would go for gremlins and I dont care what anyone says marines>gremlins. So hope you enjoy my attempt at it…
Part 1:
Part 2:

I would also like to know while your veiwing these if they are laggy or chalky or somthing they look like that at my comp but I looked on another and it was fine which is weird. PLEASE tell me the truth about that. Also do you guys think my video are only worth watching with commentary because that’s the vibe I get somtimes.
anyway the questions I asked answered please and any feedback is great!

video quality is good. I can’t really comment on the strategy since I never play as Anders.

eww, watching it from your perspective makes me realize i played like crap. really bad hook control, didnt realize you had my hook for so long. should have started making infantry sooner, when i killed the first batch i should have kept making flammers, i thought you stopped but i realized you didnt when you attacked me with 15+ marines =/

also should have pushed up when you got tech 3, i was contemplating it but i thought you had tech 3 for a while so i focused more on getting it myself.

sparta was right, way too many hornets…

i probably could have microed better early too, lost too many flammers at the begining when you pinned them with you hogs/gremlin and i was running my own gremlins away from the marines.

oh well, it wont work again. ggs :stuck_out_tongue:

We should do scrims we I can connect to you :confused:

Going to watch it now. Since you went Marines, I’m going to guess you’ll lose. There’s no way Marines can win an Anders mirror no matter what you support them with; Marines are countered too cheaply and too quickly, especially on maps you already have a Barracks up.

You’re supposed to make three Hogs before you get Gunner, not two. And if you gather the middle crates when you second Hog comes out, you can usually get a 2:1 Ram off. You both collected your resources with individual Hogs; if either one of you had played it a little smarter you’d have red-lined a Hog before Gunner.

Marines without RPG should lose to Gremlins, but that guy would have lost at the first attack if you hadn’t wasted your Grenade because his Gremlins were bottlenecked behind his base for some reason.

Putting a Marine in the further middle tower early = a good idea, by the way.

Right now, he’s just got Flashbang and you’ve built a second Barracks. You should have lost this game.

Spartan Gremlins = FAIL! Defending all game with Hornets = FAIL

This game reminds of HW in launch year, which is kind of nice. Having some fun in private matches is good I guess, but Marines fail competitively. He’d have won w/ Flamers & Gremlins alone.

the spar gremlins happened because the 1 spartan was really weak so i tried to get him into the unit. i pressed all units and the other one decided to jump in even though the weaker one was closer :’( i also should have played more aggressively but i didnt…

like i said i played poorly, at the moment my micro is terrible, too much covy i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Not hating on you, just looking at the game by itself!