Stuck on the Halo Campaignmap

Hi fellow spartans,

So i started playing Halo Infinite campaign,i reach the outside world,start playing by making it to the midsection of the map,cleared this area of missions and things to find but how the hell do i get across the gaps to reach the other parts of the campaignmap?
I looked arround,but can’t find anything to cross these gaps,please help.
Call me dumb i don’t care but it is clearly not obvious how to get there,nothing happening to progress either which imo is not intended like this.

Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to navigate to a bridge to cross sections of the map.
You may also be able to bait enemy banshees and grapplejack them to fly over to another map section.

If you are in the dead center you will need to take down the AA guns,
If you have taken down the guns you will need to kill the spartan killer brutes.
If you have done both you will need to go to the pelican and meet Echo419 for extraction.
He will be in the middle of the island.

Good luck Noble,

See you on the last pelican out.