Stuck on scarb mission

I will take any advice on how to beat it

I hope you are playing it on legendary: in this case you just have to destroy the nodes around the map and then attack the scarab using scorpions ( or warthogs ), placing them in the opposite direction of the beam. The more nodes you destroy ( there are 9 I think ), the slower it will move.

If you are lookig for a specific strategy there are tons of guide on the internet. Assuming again you are playing on legendary, I can tell you how I did it ( taking the gold medal too ):

As soon as it starts build turrets and start collecting resources. Upgrade the reactor ( you need level 2 to create scorpions, while at the end you’ll need level 3 for upgrades ) and then start creating scorpions.
When you have about 3-4 scoprions ( the Y ability is foundamental ) you can start destroying the nodes: I recommend you to start with the left, because there are lots of obstacles and the scarab won’t see you.
There will be increasig waves of enemies attacking your base: turrets are useful in the first part of the level. After locusts start to attack your base you should use some scorpions to defend it, killing as first targets of course hunters. Once you destroyed the nodes it will be very easy to kill the scarab: just remember the beam continues to turn, even if it is very very slow

Skulls are your best friend :slight_smile: