Stuck on Loading Maps 0%....35%.....54%

Stuck on these percent’s and the total loading bar of the game for like 5 minutes EVERY time I load into anything, be it mm, or customs; even academy. I have tried almost everything under the sun to fix this problem and nothing works. I know it’s not my PC specs. I can run the game on 165 frames consistent and everything is fine just outside of the long load times. I’ve tried Resetting router, signing out of account and resetting PC, deleted the game cache, verified files, capped frames, changed my virtual memory, loaded into every map solo, and pretty much anything else. Does anybody have any other suggestions to fix this? Considering that I play everyday it’s slowly driving me crazy.

I get the exact same problems, hoping this gets patched soon as I haven’t been able to find any solutions.

I’m not saying you are wrong but just wanted to share some info about why on game performance is somewhat irrelevant.

Usually when a game is loading, it’s populating system and video memory (RAM and gpu) with game assets (the map and game models). This is mostly on the HDD and may also stress the CPU depending on the amount of decompression that might be going on.

Once the match is running, everything is likely loaded up in system memory already and the HDD should be mostly idle.

I’m over simplifying here, but for an arena store game like halo with snap maps, I’d expect the HDD to have minimal activity during game play.