Stuck loading?

After I press start in order to get into the menu after launching the beta from the dashboard, it gets stuck in a loading session. I can’t access the main menu at all. Any fixes?

Yes I restarted my internet and unplugged my xbox and did a hard reset as well.

Im in the same situation. After downloading the last maps, managed to play some but then as I tried to return the game won’t load at all. Hard reset, re download the beta, checked Xbox live connection, nothing seems to work to get me to the main menu. Ridiculous!

as same with the MCC quit the game from the dashboard using the start button. if that doesn’t help try a hard reset by holding the Xbox button On the console.

I’m having the same issue, I wondered If i should delete everything and reload the game and updates. Sometimes it takes almost three to five minutes to load up.

Lots of people reporting this issue…Took 3 minutes for me as well, definitely started happening after the latest update. Happy Turkey Day Team!

Same issue.

Also currently stuck at loading screen