Stuck in "Searching For More Players..."

Anyone else experiencing this?

I was having no problems before my last match ended.

Im having this but much bigger. look at my thread right above yours

I have been having this problem since the beginning of December.

I have to hard reset my xbox every time this happens, more bad programming by 343.

Same here -Yoink- does not work, gets stuck on searching for players. then i have to eject disc and restart my xbox.

Same problem on my end. Interested in contacting 343 for a refund due to breach of implied warranties for fitness for a particular use and merchantability. Multiplayer match making remains almost completely unuseable on my end.


I just want to play

hapends to me too! i downloaded it from xbox store so i have no cd, is it possible to just restart the game (like eject the disc) without having to hard reset my xbox every damn time ???