Stuck contacting server

When trying to join multiplayer matches it says “Connecting to transport service. Please wait.” I’ve tried logging in and out, reinstalling my game and resetting my router and still nothing? Whats going on?

Same here. I haven’t uninstalled/reinstalled but the recommended logout/login didn’t fix it.

got the same problem, I’ve searched old threads and rebooted everything–halo, steam, my profile login, my PC, router, modem… nothing works. I was just in a multiplayer game yesterday, and today it doesn’t work. please advise

I also am not having any success with signing out and signing back in. I have tried restarting my game, my computer, and my router along with fully reinstalling the game and the error is still occurring. I was just playing matchmaking yesterday.

I am currently having the same issue. only difference is when i sign out then back in i still get the same error. i was on MCC earlier today. no updates happen, i did try to restart my computer and the steam client. i have uninstalled it and reinstalled it. also signed in with an alt account and same issue.

Only fix I’ve found is to uninstall the game and wish you could get a refund

same issue. pls fix.

I have same problem. Some days ago game worked flawlessly, but now it has infinite “Connecting to transport service. Please wait.”

Same for me :<

Everyone should give it another try, its working for me now
Thank you 343!

This issue should be resolved now, but if you are still experiencing problems please make sure and file a bug report about this on the Halo Support site: