Stuck at Level 1

I have reached SR54 after playing a few weeks, but, as of Thursday night, I was demoted to SR1 and given two standard load outs. I am still able to play with the general halo community, but I cannot level up or complete the weekly challenges. I do not think the problem resides on my end because I recovered my account at a friend’s house (who is known to have a working Xbox 360) with the same result. Does anyone have a clue what I can do to fix this?

You might’ve got reset. Did you do anything along the lines of cheating, offending, exploiting, etc?

It is the hopper issue. There is a massive thread with some suggestions in it. It isn’t permanent.

There is a lag glitch that has been doing this it will either resolve itself or maybe 343 is working on a quick fix for it.

Hopper issue or you were rank reset for breaking the rules of the game, which people seem to just ignore these days and then -Yoink- about being banned or reset.