Stuck at 99% completion in the Campaign

The inability to replay Missions is preventing me from reaching 100% completion. I missed a handful of audio logs and I didn’t get any of the skulls during my playthrough. Was heavily focused on the story and intended to wait until after completing the story before I worried about collectibles only to find out afterwards that it’s impossible to reaccess many of those areas once the level is completed. This is a pretty obvious flaw that needs a quick resolution so I can finish this save and move on to a LASO playthrough.


If you collect them on another save it counts towards your current one. Anything that can be missed are collectibles that share across all runs. You only need to collect skulls and audio logs once.

The Spartan cores and armour lockers would need to be collected every time to reach 100%.

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I figured. I just hate to spend another 8-10 hours to play through just to get the collectibles I missed.

If it’s any consolation you can beat the whole campaign in 2-3 hours pretty comfortably on Easy.

If you use the bandana skull it would be even faster.

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Put it on easy. Do it in 5 hours. Get the bonus achievement for doing it under 8 hours. Problem solved

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I completely agree, it’s very frustrating that (for now, anyway) we can’t replay specific/certain missions again, nor have a save file system like Halo 5 did where if you like a certain checkpoint, you can save it into a slot and resume later (it has the ability for multiple checkpoints/multiple missions).

I believe they said they’ll eventually add replaying specific missions to the game, that would be awesome. As for transferring collectibles from one save file to another, everything carries over except Spartan Cores, Mjolnir Lockers (not sure why not), Forerunner Archives (not sure why not either), Target Dossiers, and any Upgrades or FOBs/unlocked FOB content. So in essence, all of the Skulls and all of the Database entries carry over between saves (except the Forerunner Archives).