|Stryker Brigade Combat Team Recruiting|

We are truly looking forward to your arrival and becoming a personnel of one of the Army’s most up-to-date and elite fighting forces.
Lets hope all you ladies straighten up for boot camp and other exciting training and courses you will be enduring.
We are positive that you will find Fort Wainwright a terrific place to train and serve.
Your assignment to the Army’s best and only elite Stryker Brigade Combat Team provides an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of Army operations, to grow in profession, and to enjoy all the great things that the Brigade and Fort Wainwright have to offer to today’s Soldiers."

We are a Competitive clan that is militarized structured. We do raids (asymmetric battles), 4v4’s, and 8v8’s. We just started from perfecting our clan from many others. We welcome anyone 12 and up, if you are less than 12 years old you can join, but you need to be proven mature. You need a mutable mic, and we will be bringing you through our BCT.

Our Website is http://www.strykerbrigade.weebly.com.

If you have any questions leave a comment there or message ‘SB ExoTiK’ on XBL.

To Join you need to submit an enlistment form!

Remember, you belong in our clan.