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-Yoinked!- halo 5. Stronghold is the worse game type ever created and i Just had the pleasure of playing it 8 times in a row in BTB. One dissapointment after the next. F you 343.

your sensitivity setting seems a bit high for the internet, i recommend turning it down until you can adapt

I like it. Not all the time but it’s cool. Had fun playing it in Arena Slayer. Playing it in BTB wasn’t bad either. Especially when I had someone driving the Warthog that was actually a really good driver.

I don’t mind Strongholds every now and then, but this weekend it felt like we only played Strongholds on Eden/Empire over and over again.

I love strongholds

I enjoy it.

I enjoy it. There are game modes I don’t like. I don’t play them.

By the way, Strongholds is the best version of Control Points I’ve played.

Its fun if you win. Sucks if you lose. And the games are generally extremely lopsided in that gametype since its very momentum based.

Lol… Now some of you know how I feel when I get basic boring Slayer 8 times in a row. We need a 100% Objective playlist to fix this.

This is why we need voting…

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> I love strongholds