Strongholds Tips?

Sup my fellow sweats,

So for some reason I am absolutely terrible at Strongholds. I’m pretty sure my K/D for that game mode alone is something in the neighborhood of -5.0…I can’t seem to slay at all in it. I know which bases to control depending on the map, but I can’t seem to put it together with the slaying (Slayer is my top mode by far). It’s weird how I can be great at Slayer but awful at simply controlling territories alongside it. Does anyone have any general tips? Like which positions to control besides the actual bases on the map or better ways to push with your team? I want to get better at Team Arena/HCS so I don’t get kids messaging me and saying “quit Halo” or “die in a hole” (which happens only in those two playlists because sweaties) after being the weak link in a game. Your responses are much appreciated. If I’m just bad at the game, then I’ll also accept that answer.


Don’t move a lot, once you get two close-by points keep them. Even if your teammates run off to take the other. It all comes down to controlling power positions. All of the strongholds are sat around power positions. That means if you control power positions you can keep the strongholds.

It also comes down to having semi-decent teammates…

dont run into a stronghold off spawn, you are 99% going to get naded out. Get kills before trying to cap.

I do tend to get a bit aggressive during this game mode. I’ll try staying near the bases more instead of rushing them like an idiot tonight and see how it goes.

Don’t triple cap unless you absolutely have too. The enemy team will spawn near the point that they have and move from there, and you can control their movements that way.