Stronghold on Guillotine Doesn't Work.

Blue base is open to spawn trapping, the fact that red base spawns at the tower means all they have to do is have people defend the stronghold near the rockets and have people picking off anyone who they see coming out of blue base from the tower near red base. I’m not saying it’s impossible for blue team to win but the way the stronghold works on Guillotine, it heavily favors red team. Rockets even spawn closer to the red base which makes it easier to clear out blues trying to take that stronghold. The only gametypes I see working on this map are 1 flag CTF and Slayer. This is a remake of a Halo 2 map so it was never designed to have this gametype.

I did my best to try and not just make this a rage thread and actually provide information on the issues so if people who post in the thread could do the same, maybe 343i can do something about this quicker.

I would need to look closer but the tower overlooking blue base has DMRs yet all blue base has is the shotgun and BRs. I think DMRS should be added to blue base, Rockets should be placed between blue and red base. So far these are the only ideas I have had.

Another issue I have noticed is that from the middle stonghold grenades are a really annoying issue as it’s hard to evade them coming from blue base