Strong 3 man team needs a decent 4th

5 & MCC Multiplayer and some ODST Firefight, the occasional campaign run.

We play for fun but we’re also out to win. We crack a lot of dark humor jokes and talk about Halo lore. Mostly

Mic please
NO racists
NO pre-teens or kids

Hello I’m a returning player I played a lot of Halo 1 thru 3 4 was horrible but I was good at it. I’m 3.0 kda with 1400 some kills I’m platinum 5 in Slayer and plat 4 in arena .id really enjoy a team losing and getting parred with bad people that quit and stand still is annoying .I’ll follow and be the record. Support and I’m aggressive and passive so I’m great for flag or oddball. Slayer all day too leistung haus is my gt