Strom Rifle Variant Idea

Envy of 'Sraom
‘‘During an Elite raid on an unknown forerunner installation, disturbing technologies were discovered that seemed to mimic that of the Suppressor, but more unstable in design…’’

-Enemies who are shot by the weapon ping on the HUD to nearby team-members. (Duration: 4s) [Cannot track the same enemy twice in one life]
-Shots track targets
-Slower firing speed
-Increased base damage [very, very slightly]
-Increased damage the longer the trigger is held.
-Range stays the same.
-Can be fired longer before overheating

The gun is designed mostly for attacking bases in the base Warzone, but for assaulting the bases with more ease in Warzone assault.

interesting concept

Interesting but I don’t think it would work. Why would you track an enemy unless they are a high payoff target (such as the person who has your flag)?