Strike the Gods, become a Titan!

Hello, Titan and welcome to The Titan Corporation a Halo clan that is a unique military competitive hybrid based clan that’s been around for many years, we have ranks for everyone to climb through. We are a squad based clan with a squad leaderboard for inter-clan competition. And a complete points system for said leaderboard. With that being said our clan is squad based and always has been. We strive to be a powerhouse in the Halo Community. You can call us by one of or many nicknames or shortened names for fast talk. Example: “T-COR”, “Titan Cor”, “Titan Corp” or just “Titan Corporation”. Message Blur T Slayer, TheGoldenPwn420 or xGrey Fang to join. We are back, and back to our original glory.

"Strike the gods, become a Titan."​ -Clan motto

YouTube: Titan Corporation Clan
Twitter: @TitanCorpClan