Strength of Frontal Melee Attack?

Are there factors that make a Frontal Melee Attack stronger or weaker, or is that just lag/Host Advantage?

I mean, is the melee stronger while jumping, running, sprinting, falling etc? Is it stronger when it hits the head?

No, not with the Damage Boost, the regular attack. I think it’s stronger from behind, but I want to know about Frontal Assault.

I had one game today, where one guy basically killed me repeatedly with a half-full shield. And I wasn’t the only one. He ran around a lot, jumped a lot, and bludgeoned people to death. He also seemed to win every melee joust, even with depleted shields.

So, I was just wondering if there are things you can do to make melee stronger. Except being the host.

That were probably the host of the game.

Good question. I’ve been at full shields and been killed by a single frontal melee attack but sometimes it takes two to kill me.

It wasn’t that the guy was terrible at playing and got cheap kills, but some encounters just didn’t happen like I was used to them happening.

And since he did jump and run most times, I thought that might be a factor. I mean, who knows, right? Maybe there is a “Chinbreaker”-Melee special for taking a shot to the head, or the speed from running adds power. Power is mass times acceleration, so…

But I guess it might be the host thing. He did seem to move a little faster than everyone else, too, now that I’ve watched the vid again.

Oh, well, Host Advantage. You’d think 343 could afford dedicated servers…

AFAIK movement speed and type only influenced melee strength in Halo 2. The feature hasn’t reappeared since.

Never seen this.

OP - I have thought the same thing. Also, there are times when my opponent and I both melee, but I take no damage. Other times, it will knock my shields out. It’s just weird or should I write that I don’t understand the how damage works during melees. You know…