Streamer / YouTube Director: Looking

Greetings from Canada eh,

Names Kevin otherwise known as the Southpaw Gamer. I am a Full Sail University Game Design student with a HUGE passion for the gaming industry and I’m here today looking for a competitive team for Halo IV

Age: 25
Location: Guelph / Ontario / Canada (EST)
Headset: ASTRO A40’s
Mon – Thursday (Anytime)
Friday (After 4PM)
Sat & Sun (After 5PM)

I am hoping to find a team… not a clan… though exceptions could be made; being an adult I’d also like to play with other adults.

What makes me different?

Over the last few months I have been working towards becoming a Streamer / YouTube Director. My setup at this point is quite sophisticated and I am in the process of learning to use all my equipment for the best possible results. I will be streaming to Twitch TV @ 720P 60FPS while also at the same time recording at that same quality for YouTube. I can do 1080P however at this point I believe 720P will suffice.

What am I using?

AVerMedia Live Gamer HD + Xsplit Broadcaster (Premium account)
Elgato HD Capture
2600K @ 4.9 OC / 580 classified 3G SLI / 16GB Memory / SDD & 4TB storage for recording
Windows 8 / Adobe Master Suite C6
Macbook Pro / Final Cut Pro X
Blue Yeti Professional USB Microphone
2x 27 inch 1080P Monitors

I’d say I have my bases covered and will be able to provide top quality content… the only question is who will I be playing with? I’m just coming back to the console now so my friends list is rather small… and it needs to fill.

Contact me through these means…

Text (If in Canada): 519 400 7008
YouTube Channel:
Twitch TV:
GT: SG Kevin D Lee

Please note there is currently no content on either channel worth noting (Beyond my FSU material) I am waiting for my internet to get upgraded before I start uploading / streaming… it’s just not possible on a 1MB/Sec upload speed. Not worth the hassle.

Getting this back up there.

Hey there Kevin. Greetings from the deep south.

I’ll cut to the chase, the community that i play with and am one of the leaders of NEEDS someone like you, we’re moving into Halo 4 full steam ahead and would love to bring someone with your capabilities and tech on board. We’re at around 45 members strong, Mostly adults ranging from 18 all the way to a couple folks in their 50’s. Granted we have a few oddballs, and a couple minor’s we’re overall a solid community. And i use the term community rather than clan for a reason.

We’re a generally casual group, while we do have an up and coming competitive team that is very serious about what they do, we’re mostly fans of the universe first, we have lore buffs, several very talented forgers, Custom gametype builders, and a lot more. We pride ourselves on a sense of civility in our dealings both in game, here on waypoint, and on our own forums and facebook pages. Not to mention there are several of us, myself included, that are already looking into recording walkthroughs and fun video’s for our youtube channel (trust me its nothing great at the moment).

In closing, i would appreciate it if you gave us a chance, i came on board with these guys around 7 months ago and they have been like a second family since day one.

Operation Zenith Forum << There’s a link to our forum if you would like to check it out sometime, add me as a buddy and inbox me here if you like.

Hope you have a great day.