StratWarCom is recruiting!!!

Hey guys and gals, Strategic Warfare Command aka StratWarCom is recruiting on Halo 5, we are a UNSC clan founded on May 26, 2015 recently returning a month and a half ago starting up our 2nd Generation StratWarCom stands to uphold it’s ideals and unite the UNSC, help to fix the community, and offer players a place they can call home.

If interested in enlisting with us please contact those below

Gt: II 039 Isaac (capital i’s)
Kik: SpecOps0514

Gt: II S092 Jerome (capital i’s)
Kik: justinwilliams10

Gt: ODST G Tarkov

Disclaimer: not all StratWarCom members have added waypoint so that number is wrong

Link for the Lazy