Strange profile glitch...

Ok I just got into halo reach and my profile is how should I put it half reset. My credits are still there, I still have access to all the stuff I unlocked and i’m still at the same rank(Arena and Cr rank). Heres the weird part it asks me to choose male or female like when you first play reach. My campaign is completely reset, but it still says I completed it on legendary. My emblem, service tag, armor and even my controls are reset to the way they were when I first played reach.

No real damage done though its not like i’m rushing to do campaign again. I put everything back to the way it was I was just wondering why this happened. Normally I wouldn’t care but this is the second time its happened and I ran into a few forge glitches where one of my maps got overwritten by another map I made(luckily it was in my file share). That’s all I got for the moment.

I think this is either (1) a glitch, or (2) you have a corrupt profile, if The Little Moa sees this he’ll say something that will help a lot more than this.

Delete and re-recover your profile.

Thanks guys :] like I said nothing bad happened I just thought it mite be something worth looking into.