Strange bug thing with installing new update

When I installed the update, it didn’t do anything, this is normal as my xbox is rather old so I did what I normally do and restart it, but when I went back in the game, instead of installing the 125mb download desided to do a complete reinstall of the game at 72gb, this is probably a problem with my xbox but it has only ever happened with mcc, my Internet is -Yoink- so it will probably take days to download, any way I can revert it somehow or am I going to just sit through it?

It is actually strange, but there is nothing you can do sadly

Oh well nevermind, I mostly play halo 3 anyway so putting that at priority has decreased the length of time until play, guess I shall not turn xbox off next time

You cancelled the update which forced a full reinstall, unfortunately. Because of how games/updates are currently configured, once you queue an update, the game starts prepping to be updated. Stopping that process essentially “corrupts” your current install and needs to be reinstalled.

Don’t cancel or restart your console. Just let it process, it’ll update eventually.

nice to know, will keep that in mind next time