Strafing and air movment NEEDS to be fixed!

All of this was because they removed the thruster pack


It either needs the thruster pack or it needs to be removed because it’s exactly why the strafing is all messed up. It’s why people get around corners without being punished. It’s why air strafing is the way it is

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Look, I’ve provided you objective data that shows Halo 2 and 3 had similar strafe speeds. As did all Halo games upto Halo 4. I’ve given you evidence that of people who feel similarly. You posting people’s opinions about how they prefer the new system is fine. I know some people do. I never contradicted. My point was always that there are a number of people who prefer a more classic strafe speed, and I think I’ve demonstrated.

Also, AD and stick may not be completely dissimilar, but try out one compared to the other. You start off full speed the moment the other button is pressed down. It’s faster, and it adds to the speed people can strafe. When strafing is already faster being able to do it even faster matters.

Personally, I feel when you are up close you should land most of your shots if you’re good. That’s my opinion. But it’s why I’m not really swayed by arguments about making your opponent miss more often while you also miss more. That’s fine if that’s what you want. It’s not how I feel things should be, and it’s okay we disagree. I never claimed “most” people agrees with me. You did.


saying halo 2 and 3 strafe is similar is ridiculous. how it actually plays in game is what actually matters due to its acceleration and inertia. halo 3 had slow acceleration which is mainly why the strafe was predictable but we are arguing about predictable movement and not necessarily inertia alone.

I do think most people agree with me. I think most people are enjoying the strafing. Only a small few are complaining which means most are fine with it.

what most people have a problem with is aiming and i think that could be reworked with certain weapons that require continuous accuracy rather than bursts of accuracy which i think aim fine with less aim assist. some weapons need more aim assist than others due to the nature of a joystick. kinda off topic, but wanted to mention it.

You are punished for jumping. When you jump, you lose your aim assist while in the air.

Also I quite like the changes to movement as an alternate to H5’s very fast speed and unlimited thruster.

Reducing overall movement speed and removing unlimited thruster but keeping a high directional movement acceleration (imo) has kept a movement skill gap present in firefights while getting rid of the advanced movement that a lot of players didn’t like.

It’s not ridiculous. There is objective data. Personally I don’t think either feels anything like Infinite, and the data agree with me. Have you even looked at the data?

I do think most people agree with me. I think most people are enjoying the strafing. Only a small few are complaining which means most are fine with it.

As I said, there are plenty of people complaining about it on Reddit. Though it’s fine if you think most enjoy it as. You have no evidence to back up a claim that most would, but keep on thinking it.

its easy to get evidence of people complaining than not complaining about movement. the evidence you showed me however was 30 comments in a thread.

anyone in this forum will tell you halo 2’s strafing is a lot different to halo 3’s. its the whole reason halo 3 BR has slower projectiles. your irrelevant data is not going to deny this fact. sorry. i’m not trying to annoy you.

Bro why does this sound like some cheesy oneliner?

You’ve got a like regardless.

There’s been other threads. Also, not everyone who dislikes something complains. What’s your point. You don’t have any proof of what you’re claiming.

People can say what they want. And the strafing does feel a bit different. I did admit that. But in terms of how you actually move, there isn’t much different. There is less inertia, but slower initial acceleration. This makes it feel a little smoother, but ultimately the speeds you move most of the times and the total displacement are quite similar. The data is there. And sorry to tell you but imperical data is more proof than anecdotal evidence.

Edit: I’m not gonna bother replying, because we’re going in circles. I’ve made my point. I’ve posted data as evidence. Feel free to ignore based on your feelings. I don’t care. Good day.

i thought you werent the person that cries proof. people who complain are the ones that want to be heard most. thats like a fact of life. do you really expect me to find forums of people talking positivlly about strafing. no, why would there be.

so your saying bungie made the br have slower projectiles for jokes and not because the movement was more predictable than halo 2’s?

It is not punishing a bad strafe. It’s allowing a good strafe. The old halo games had a standard base setting, and a tournament settings.

Tournament settings
-110% base movement speed. You don’t feel that slow acceleration you do in default speed.

There are other settings that existed as well, but you’re honing in on strafing which Is part of base movement speed.

Old halo, such as halo 3 had default settings for social, and even for standard ranked. You weren’t playing the official tournament settings unless you were in the mlg playlist. You were essentially playing an easier game, which still kept the "easy to pickup, hard to master in tact. It tightens the skill gap in gun skill. Then it had other settings like 110% damage, 90% shield recharge rate, disabled motion tracker.

It sounds more like your struggle is that you’re just very used to the social settings of the past, and perhaps only played the light competitive experience like standard ranked. I advocated for halo infinite to follow halo 3s model, because i believe many people feel the way you do, and the player population for the tournament setting playlists has never been extremely high.

We’re playing the tournament settings in our ranked mode today, and some of it leaks Into social. Lots of frustrated players who feel like they can’t aim who aren’t trying to play hyper competitive, and want a more manageable fun and…I guess loose experience. The settings themselves basically discourage the hyper competitive players from being in there, so it’s a good means of differentiating the xperience for players. Halo 3 is held dear by many for these factors many probably never even noticed. It’s not a knock to puff out a chest and say hey this or that dude never even played mlg git gud. Not at all. It’s just a means of showcasing why the game feels the way it does, and why many long time players feel this sudden jolt in their experience of what they expected vs the reality they feel when they play the game.

THANK YOU. Someone finally freaking saying it besides me. Everyone who calls themselves a Halo fan is seriously overlooking this obvious flaw.

One of frostys biggest complaints was the inertia- he said it added more randomness to the gunplay, which I totally agree with. Even new school players don’t like it.

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Fast strafing does not improve movement skill. It is not difficult in any way to just Spam left and right a lot. What is difficult is learning how to strafe properly so that you don’t lose momentum and get shot because of it. Watch any older Halo game and movement and positioning is the biggest difference between pros. Not how well they aim. It sounds to me like you were not very good at movement in the other Halo games. When you became good, it did not feel like mud. There was a clear Gap between people who knew how to jump, move, and strafe while keeping their momentum compared to somebody who was bad. Also your logic of not reducing something Because it’s already how it is and people will get mad is terrible.


Just pretend they carried over some Halo 5 lore, but the Thrusters are now on low settings, and only help you sprint, instant strafe, and slightly air steer, and the pickup is basically the dumpster Halo 4 model again but without the stupid 3rd person effect

people dont like change. i went back to halo 5 and infinite just feels so much more natural

“he also mentions in another comment how its not about being able to land everyshot but making your opponent miss more. its about spotting your opponents movement pattern while trying to make your own movement pattern more unpredictable. mashing strafing (left and rightt)is not going to get you far because thats generally predictable and you will easily be outplayed. Inertia in halo 3 at high level play meant no one really missed at close range, the movement was too predictable and projectiles stop being projectiles at close range which made battles a bit stale unless far away.”

pros hit most shots, things like jump, thrust and crouch made the difference. the strafe rarely did anything in comparison unless it was halo 2

its not because of how it already is, its because its just already good and people will notice the negatiive effects if it reverts back to old strafing. fights woulld become more generic and repetitive. if people want that, then a playlist can be made for them

343 added strafe and it ruined Halo. Whether on MnK or controller, strafe spam is a bad feature. On controller, you basically don’t have to move the stick when people are strafing, while MnK you can’t hit anything (I’d curse, but apparently 343 thinks were babies and has censored the forums) as the spread+netcode/desync+micromovements don’t allow you to land shots on target. In previous games, movement acceleration allowed people to land shots on BOTH MnK and controller. It was balanced that way since the beginning and should have stayed that way. Same with frag grenades. Nowadays, people throw grenades and they bounce into place from 20 meters. Whereas in 3 and Reach, if you threw a grenade and it landed, it dug in. No 10 seconds of bounce air, no gravitating towards people after hitting sand and mud. These minor changes drastically affect gameplay and balance. The maps, too. Infinite has this obsession with people being able to have line of sight on you from several angles at all times. Ever wonder why you feel like you never get to breathe after an engagement? That’s why. Try to enter cover, grenade spam (that’s if the grenade doesn’t bounce into infinity). Try a new spot, you still have 200 meter sightlines from multiple angles. But hey, at least we added strafe and crouch spam to a game that never had an issue with it before it was changed :slight_smile: .

There is many issues with aim assist. Jumping is one of them. You don’t lose it entirely but it will sometimes cause it to weaken. It can also cause your aim assist to pull away from the target too as it tries to reset in the middle of your screen.

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