Strafe Speed (Pc vs Xbox)

I play through xbox and sometimes I see opponents doing strafe very fast. Some say PC users are the fastest left-right-left-right-moving users. is it really so? is there a difference between xbox and pc in the strafe speed?


As far as capabilities go, PC users are definitely the fastest at ADAD (left right left right) because

  1. It’s easier than using a thumbstick, as each entire direction gets its own finger
  2. They practice it a lot more. Console users have never had to do it, particularly in Halo, because of aim assist and bullet magnetism, which rendered it ineffective. In PC it’s standard because of point 1, and the fact that aiming is significantly easier on PC.

This is the first halo with

  • minimal aim assist
  • minimal bullet magnetism
  • minimal strafe acceleration
    Meaning that, on controller, we now have a significant disadvantage against rapid reverse strafing.

However, there is apparently a forced “strafe acceleration” for keyboard users that does not affect controller users. I’m not sure of the validity of this, but have been told that Infinite explicitly prevents rapid ADAD by simply not registering the keyboard input immediately. It’s basically an additional strafe acceleration setting, apparently, on top of the one in the game settings.

Controllers do not have this limitation so some people can “jitter” with no strafe acceleration limitations, even on controller.

I’m not sure if that’s entirely accurate but it does seem that there are a good amount of rapid strafers in controllers only ranked, which is the last place you’d expect to see them. But as there is always crossplay, people could also be cheating and it’s impossible to tell. And modded controllers probably could make that even easier.


This is actually really interesting because I’ve heard people complain that strafe acceleration doesn’t exist in Infinite, which if true would give PC users a huge advantage to strafing for the reasons mentioned. But if they do indeed have some strafe acceleration which isn’t present on controller this is actually a very sensible balancing measure to account for the different inputs. But as you say, I have no idea about the validity of this.

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Even better would be to drop acceleration to like 90% to prevent rapid strafing across the board imo. Even 80% would be fine tbh.
There also could be latency issues that are making some strafes particularly cheesy

This just happened to me the other day in Ranked Arena, it’s definitely a thing. There’s a overwhelming sense of hopelessness when you encounter it haha you just have to accept it and let them melt you

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It’s always been easier to strafe on keyboard. The act of pushing a button to change a direction is always gonna beat out flipping a stick to the other side.

strafe speed in general seems a bit too fast imho. I wouldn’t mind it, if they slow down the strafe speed a little bit.

I don’t think it’s a question of “habituation” and “training”. There are people who do ADAD faster than normal. There is something wrong. I hear from many that pc users do it, but I don’t know why they do it, if it’s a bug or a cheat.

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Interesting post. Very well done indeed.

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