Strafe opinion

I didn’t start playing halo until H3 (this tag is new as old was hacked) but became a decent player fairly quickly. It seems to me that in H3, Reach, and H4 a short strafe seemed to be the ticket but in H5 with the bullet magnetism it feels like I’m getting perfect killed more than I ever was in previous titles.

I’ve looked around a bit for others opinions and there’s some pretty decent stuff on YouTube on short strafing being the way to go supposedly but I for the life of me cannot make someone miss with H5’s MP settings.

Obviously there’s 457368 different ways to dodge bullets. I’m just wondering if others have had to abandon the short and quick movements for a longer drawn out strafe?

strafe with crouches involved, that’ll get your head away from the bullets. and make the enemy who misses all those shots very angry.

source: I’ve been on the receiving and sending side. 100% proven results

could take a bit longer strafes, add a jump, maybe a thrust. works for me.

I have the same problem and tried a couple of different things. Unfortunately sometimes I -Yoink!- and press 2 buttons at the same time then neither of them works and I end up KIA. lol

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> strafe with crouches involved, that’ll get your head away from the bullets. and make the enemy who misses all those shots very angry.
> source: I’ve been on the receiving and sending side. 100% proven results

This, you can also throw off the enemy aim with a skillful use of the thruster, as well. (example: Strafe to one side for a bit, then sharply turn your movement stick to the other direction (right/left) and time a thrust at the same time)

source: same as the guy above.

At close ranges adding crouches to your strafe will help a lot. At range it makes almost no difference. Also try to get into the rhythm of thrusting to the side after your first 3 shots with the magnum/dmr and 2 shots with br/lr. When you are close range with an auto jump spam crouch while moving left and right and add a thrust in there somewhere. Jumping can help but also can screw you over if the person is expecting it.

depends on the range. Short strafes are deadly from close range but from long range you might as well be standing still.
Jumping to one side then immediately boosting to the other also works when you are close to being one shot.

Throw in a crouch, use your thrusters, and occasionally jump (jumping isn’t as strongly recommended as crouching no longer makes your drop time much shorter). If you do decide to jump, try aiming to activate your stabilizers. If the enemy tries to lead their shots to where you’ll be it’ll throw of the game and since gunfights are decided in milliseconds anything helps.

I just go crazy quick on the strafe, when I’m feeling the game, I just do it. I have successfully out-br’ed or whatever you wish to call it, even after my opponent shooting first and hitting 1 or 2 shots. But to answer, there really is no method. I know a popular one I used to use was right quickly, back center, right quickly, back center, juke right, left. That was tsquared(previous MLG pros) strafe I think.

medium is best, use your thrusters as well

Jump, stabilize and thrust to one side works for me…

See, this is the problem with sprint. Before anyone misunderstands, let me explain.

Having sprint means base movement is lowered right? So what does that affect? Many things, but in particular, strafing. Now, since base movement speed is so much slower, it means your strafes are slower. Which is why people now spam/time crouches in their strafes, which are now much much shorter. Is this bad? Not really, BUT it is a DRASTIC change to Halo. The newer players don’t feel it, but the older ones do. Yes, many of us adapted to it perfectly fine, but that does not make it a good thing. If having sprint slows down your movement when shooting people, how does that make halo faster paced? IMO, the solution is too keep sprint, but lower its movement speed increase compared to base movement. Here is an example, please note these are not exact numbers, just examples to help you understand what I mean.

Current- Base-70% Sprint- 100%

My idea- Base 85%. Sprint 100%

So, the players who like sprint will still have it. The negative effects of sprint will be reduced, both sides are happy.

I might make a thread with this idea, but I’ll just post it here as its related to OP.