Story wise, how did we get from Halo 5 to Infinite?

I want to start by saying that while I will reference some books, I don’t intend to discuss them in detail to avoid spoiling anything for those who haven’t read them yet. I will talk about the ending of Halo 5 so if spoiling that story matters to you read no further.

With Halo 5 ending on particularly high stakes I had been curious as to how 343 would end the second trilogy of the series. or even approach doing anything with the odds they had set for that matter. thankfully I was already in the habit of reading most of the books so I knew I wouldn’t go the entire development time without any halo lore. Sure enough “Bad Blood” came out and is set post Halo 5, filling in some details. “Shadows of Reach” was also released closer to Infinites original release date and is also set after the events of Halo 5 (I still think the cover art was a nifty call back). While both books take place in between the last game and the upcoming one, neither have any hint at how we get from Cortana setting out impose her peace on the galaxy with her collection of guardians and Chief and Co. on an a shield world, to Chief being found floating in space near another Halo installation with talks of “we lost” and the biggest threat seeming to be the banished…

Now I was convinced I had missed or forgotten something. So I went back, reread the end of Shadows of Reach, nothing there. I spent a couple hours going over the wiki (halopedia specifically) and the closest I could come up with for any explanation at all was a reference to the this months issue of game informer. I haven’t read the issue in question so I cant say how detailed or if any actual explanation is there at all.

So that leaves the question. Does Halo Infinite start with what the teasers show? or will the intro somehow cover, what seems to me, a huge change in direction. I recognize this is speculation, and I’m both asking if someone is familiar with a lore source that bridges my gap in knowledge I’m unfamiliar with and curious of what anyone else thinks on the matter. Most Halo fans I know aren’t like me. They don’t read any of the books, they didn’t obsess over “Hunt the Truth” (or listen to 3 seconds of it despite my ranting), or play anything other than the mainline shooters.

Which leads to another issue I’ve been puzzling over. I hate RTS’. I’m really bad at every one I’ve tried and just cant seem to enjoy any of them. Despite my attempts to force myself through Halo Wars, I’ve never managed to get very far. But since I read the books I at least know who the Banished are. For the player base who only stick to the mainline entries and don’t read the books, the banished will be an entirely new faction and threat. How can they even be introduced and presented as a threat when Cortana just activated many guardians, each capable of pacifying a solar system.

I’d love to hear peoples thoughts, and like I said most of what we can do is speculate. In less than a month the answers will be available but I cant sit on my hands and wait :smiley:

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343 have said that Halo Infinite is designed to be more of a starting point for new players than the other titles, but still rewards previous player who have played the previous Halo games.

New player can play this game without having to play the other titles, mainline or now, for these reasons:

  1. The game seems to be more focused on Escharum and the Chief more than Atriox, so you don’t need to play Halo wars 2 (You can just look up the cutscenes if you like and that will tell you a lot if you’re not good at the game.)

  2. Something has happened to Cortana, so I don’t think were going to get a bunch of here Guardians in Halo infinite. (Their is however a crashed Guardian in the recent Campaign Overview.) So, you don’t need to know the events in Halo 5.

  3. 343 again has written this so new players can be involve without playing the other Halo game, so they’re introducing everything carefully. For example, we all know who Cortana is and what she has currently become, but 343 introduces Cortana with “The weapon” by stating, “The rogue AI known as Cortana is gone, she’s been deleted.”
    Now the player knows there was a rogue AI named “Cortana” and that she is apparently gone, but we know that is not the entire story. Throughout the game we will unravel the mystery of past events which will explain things like who was Cortana before, what did she do, and many more topics.

  4. The main story seems (so far) to be the Banished want to control Halo (so we have to stop them), the mystery of Cortana (Zeta Halo will have the answers), and why did “The weapon’s” deletion not happen. And since the game introduces the Who the Banished are/who Cortana is/who the Weapon is, you don’t really need to player the other titles to get the story (but it does make it better).

To answer about the gap on how the Chief gets floating in space again and Cortana, here’s what I’ve gotten so far from the games/books/spoilers

(Read with caution MAJOR MAJOR SPOLIERS for Halo 5 , Bad Blood, Shadows of Reach, and Halo Infinite):

Halo 5 ends on sanghelios, the book (Bad Blood I believe) then takes us back to the infinity where we explore Cortana’s rule over the galaxies with Buck and Alpha Nine. Fast forward to “Shadows of Reach” where Blue Team are most likely are getting the components to make “The weapon” on the planted Reach. The banished having their own goal, to bring back Atriox (who’s at the Ark), which they successfully do via portal.

Based on the multiplayer tutorial: Spartan Agryna says “Laconia changed everything”, which I presume is a Battle/location. She also says that the Infinity, the Halo Ring, and Master Chief have gone missing (most likely via slipspace I would guess).

Based on what we’ve seen so far via gameplay/spoilers: Cortana is missing or perhaps deleted (by whom is unknow), the Banished have control over the Ring and the Infinity has crashed or has been destroyed. Atriox is also either missing or dead based on Escharum lines about honoring Atriox’s legacy.

We know based on spoilers that Halo infinite opens with the Infinity basically coming apart with Atriox on it. Atriox who we know was on the ship looking for something (stated by Brohammer/ The Pilot), also throws Master Chief into space (Also, Chief does confirm when talking to Brohammer that he has indeed met Atriox).
Which then brings us to Chief floating in space and waiting to be found by “The pilot”.

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I appreciate all the time you spent to reply, you organize your thoughts so much better than I can lol.

unfortunately for me most of what you’ve pointed out has only confirmed my fears. it seems as though everything has been sacrificed at the altar in hopes of drawing new players whatever the cost. I was already concerned how a halo game could work in an open world setting (the last metal gear game comes to mind and that was the worst mainline in the series). at this point what is there for returning fans to come back to? the series has nearly been 1 ongoing story, which seems to have been abandoned outright. the tone of all of the character interactions in any preview footage I’ve seen have been. i don’t know how to put it, its just wrong. it doesn’t seem to fit with anything else in the series at all. same for the lady in the multiplayers tutorial. i know spartan 4s are an actual joke, but the dialog is like she’s speaking to a toddler not a soldier.

for now all i can do is hope somehow they managed to preserve something of the series and find out how next month, but i feel like i need to brace myself for total destruction of another series i loved


I feel you on the multiplayer spartan IV, but based on videos, Halo Infinite’s campaign is really good. There’s a lot for returning Fans. 343 have tried to distance themself from previous mistakes in 4 & 5, so it’s not going to feel the same, but in my opinion, it’s much better. If you want more about the first couple of missions, search on Google/YouTube:
“Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay mission 1” (By Greenskull, there’s 4 mission he’s done I believe)

“Halo Infinite Early Gameplay Walkthrough part 1- Intro (Campaign)” (By GameRiot, also I believe has 4 videos.)

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i agree 343s time at bat has been pretty rough, but for the most part regarding the campaigns of both Halo 4 and 5 most of what i saw seemed to be honest attempts to move forward while still creating something new.
both swings were misses but even though i think some aspects of those games didnt hit as intended, they both still felt like halo and neither were half as bad as reach was to me (i seem to be the only person convinced reach is the worst halo ever made). i think for now ill just keep my head down and focus on work, keep the campaign fresh for next month when i get to play it

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As a retuning fan I have nothing but hope for this story and everything I’ve seen it really appealing to me and many other returning Halo fans. People have also pointed out that the story does not seem to be the grey easy step on point for new fans, but I’m okay with that criticism as it’s not so extreme to where you need to have read every book. They’ve said prior knowledge of the games would be enough.

As for that Spartan-IV comment, I don’t think they’ve had the best reception and that’s mainly due to how the named Spartan-IVs have been represented in the games. I’m hoping with Infinite, people’s views will be changed as Spartan-IVs are just as capable as the S-IIs and S-IIIs (albeit weaker but not to the point where they are useless). They can be as just a a cool as the previous Spartan generations, and I am hoping this will be shown in Infinite

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i think the issue in perception surrounding the spartan 4s is a matter of definition. it seems to be any random joe can receive the augmentations and now every single person is going out of their way to preface their name with the title. it cheapens the title to a disrespectful degree. the level of sacrifice inherent to the 2nd and 3rd gens was baked in. its not as if i dont understand wanting to use a more ethical system but the end product is so far removed the name should have been changed. Buck is a great soldier, a spartan that does not make.

The end game for the Spartan program starting from Spartan-I’s (i.e. Sgt. Johnson) was always to make it so that the procedure could be applied broadly to all soldiers of the UNSC. The only reason there are so few Spartan Is, IIs, and IIIs is because the augmentations, training, and MJOLNIR armor were all in experimental phases.

By the time of Halo 4 and onward, all of the processes have been pretty much perfected which allows for Spartan IVs to be mass produced using candidates who distinguished themselves during the Human-Covenant War.


Right there with you buddy.

Reach was a massive slap in the face story wise, given I had gotten into the books post Halo 3, and had a lot of lore still fresh in my head.

I know a lot of stuff can be explained away, and 343 put effort into making it fit the established lore, but I remember feeling quite annoyed at how fast and loose Bungie were when it came to the story.

I can still recall they hype after the first poster reveal and everyone speculating on the silhouettes, and which member of blue team they were.
Nope just some overage Spartan IIIs you’ve never heard of.

343 might not have a perfect record, but Bungie definitely slammed the door hard on the lore fans on their way out of Halo.

Very excited to see what happens in Infinite.

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