Story was too cliche and too predictable (IMO)

Now i know tons of people already put there input. im not here to start arguments, just my opinion that i felt about the story n overall game and why i was a little let down. if you disagree thats fine im just putting my 2 cents in.

Halo 5 Synthetics vs Organics, Humans vs Robots, Man vs Machine, human intelligence vs artificial intelligence, Creator vs Created, augmented vs non-augmented cliche. Its old and overused in soooooo many games and movies and TV shows. Mass Effect 3 made the same exact mistake and because of it thats why Mass Effect 4 will not make a huge sale because people felt scammed after the last one with that big upset ending. Thousands on the forums were all theorizing why the Reapers were trying to wipe out all life in the galaxy that was space fairing and than we get to the conclusion and is “synthetics n organics can’t work together” with plot holes like Harvesters in the story. oh wow how lame, i was hoping for more like “the dominant creatures of the food chain stop other organics from evolving, limiting evolution and life can not progress and evolve into something greater so the dominant race of space fairing species is to be whipped out so that the next race can take over and evolve” but no, the idea of a well thought out reason was too much for time for EAs rush to release during the hype. They failed to lock down a story just like Halo 4 n 5 are doing. Halo 4 was all about Didact trying to reclaim the mantle that the librarian wanted the humans to have, but now its “no no no it was suppose to be the created of the creators takes the mantle” wtf? make a decision already. Lock down a story instead of trying to use the next game to rewrite the previous to story. they spent so long trying to change the story that they never got the the reasons like “Why is cortana in such a rush that she has to do it right now? why is THIS VERY SECOND WE HAVE TO RELEASE THE GUARDIANS AND CAN’T DISCUSS THIS WITH ONE GUY WHO DID EVERYTHING TO SAVE ME?” nope just plain old non filler story. i thought locke n john were going to be 50/50 when playing but you only played john 3 missions, the rest were locke, totally taking away from the main character. Than we had 3 missions of -Yoink- around with no combat. “oh but we need to put collectibles in the game” no, im tired of things like that. -Yoink- collectibles, stop trying to find a million useless things in the game and spend it on the story. Battlefront added the figurine thing that was dumb. its dumb stuff like that that killed Destiny. “oh you need to go online to read the cards to know the story” wtf? its not in the game? you have to go somewhere else to get the story? its dumb. give the gamers what they want or delay it til you have it or dont bother making it. When we say we want things like forgeable Firefight we want Forageable Firefight, or now known as Warzone firefight on the forums. You keep cutting back “oh no one liked Firefight when we asked the competitive players” well of course because the competitive dont really play FF, they play MP. While games like Gears of War expanded Horde mode 2.0 and introduced Beast mode it was loved, than Gears of War Judgement came out, took away alot, and everyone hated it. It’s simple, either give more content than the previous or don’t release. simple. stop removing stuff that isn’t broken. Not to mention Halo 5 is bordering F2P or P2W mode. even though you guys incorporated it correctly so that it wouldn’t disadvantage the people playing without paying, it still used grinding. making everything take forever to unlock so you will never complete it to try n keep you playing, which is why i took a break from the game. I still havent unlocked the DMR, not even 1, and yet on almost 1/3 through the levels while other people werent even a 10th through and they have all the different types for all different ranges. DMR, BR, AR, etc.

And lastly, besides the story being so boring and i was expecting more of a fight between locke n john besides that one good fight that i was thinking it was gonna be like this a lot in the campaign, the story became predictable. You did get it right, making Cortana looking more like a psychopathic -Yoink- where she is all nicey nice to john n his team but with locke, the real evilness comes out. but you guys spent way too much time backtracking the mission maps. instead of having like 10 different planets and going to other ones like a desert one, like the trailer had etc, you had it so few planets to explore. Instead it should of been john missed his change because locke stopped him from getting on board but wasnt able to catch them and they HUNT them down and its a constant cat n moose game across planets so that when they get to Genesis it gets more to a cutscene story part and talks about whats really going on and a real dialog about what happened to her and why she wants to do what she is doing with a better thought out reason that was wealth depth and not the human ai cliche. And no fighting trying to find a reason to have a fight on genesis with covies. it would of had a great story and multiple missions on different planets so it felt like you went to more places. rather than like 4 planets in 15 missions. should have been way more. Also the whole “how did halsey lose her arm?” and they act like they have no idea when it was Palmer who shot her in the first place but Halsey doesn’t even react to seeing her.

Because of the story, the story for Halo 6, or unless you are using the subtitle Guardians to sell another Halo 5 sequel, is too predictable. I already know what will happen in the next story. here it goes. Halo 6 starts out. The galaxy is just now in control by cortana. Chief n Arby n locke have to make there way back to Infinity where Halsey tells him the only way to stop this is to kill cortana and chief doesnt want to have to do it but he will have to in order to stop what she is doing. maybe some spartans will die or not. Chief will have to fight Promethean, Covie races that joined cortana and even other humans that sided with her including enemy spartans. Eventually as he gets closer and cortana learns what he is out to do, will unleash the warden, upgraded, to kill john. and after defeating him, dont know if didact will have in play into this, cortana will have to face him. Either there will be a boss battle or a long cutscene where its tear jerking were john kills her but the only way will also kill him bringing the end to halo 6 where chief is set to die. he will take off his helmet, we will see his face and they both will die together. a sad ending Locke n Arby will say some words about the Chief saying something like “it was just a job to hunt him down like you (arby) but i see there are things more important than just a mission” and there will be 117s number and a sad official goodbye to the master chief, once and for all. Halo games might still come out as Microsoft wants to keep making halo games for a Saga but the stories will no longer have chief and locke will take over. That’s how i see the next story for the sequel.

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