Story in multiplayer theory!

In the video hopefully everyone has seen by now, they talk about adding more substance to Halo 4’s multiplayer, saying that now blue team has a reason to fight red team.

Someone in another thread pointed out in the video it shows a Wolf symbol next to one teams score and another symbol next to the other team.

They also show a giant mech being built in the center they point out, with moving parts constructing it.

I think perhaps maps in Halo 4 will be more interactive then our maps have been previously. The game also introduced Spartan 4’s, in the Fall of Reach novel they go over capture the flag and other games as part of Spartan teamwork training. I think Halo 4’s multiplayer story will revolve around whatever is the Spartan 4 storyline in Halo 4.

I think that maybe the Wolf symbol and the other symbol will transcend Red vs Blue online, and perhaps maybe your assigned or you get to pick what Halo “team” your on online, perhaps theirs a Wolf and a few others, then you can compete against the other teams in kind of a consistent multiplayer thing?

Example: If you were always on the Spartan Wolf team regardless of Red or Blue and it only matchmade you with your wolf team mates in some new ranked mode, you could stat track yourself in the ranking of your team, and compare it with the other teams online to see which team was “winning” online. Kind of an MMOish concept.

Halo is one of the view games iwth enough players to pull off the concept. It also would give you “reason” to fight the other team over and over again. Or perhaps I’ve had way to much coffee and started foaming at the mouth at the BR this morning.