Stormlight Archive book Ideas

Not sure if anybody has read this fantasy book series. It’s a great read with some well rounded characters and ideas. Basically it’s a world where these spirits called Spren can bond with a human. When they do this grants the individual certain abilities most notably to summon a blade in combat which is the Spren assuming a physical form. Now, the first Spren we get introduced to takes the form of a glowing blue miniature woman who bonds with our troubled hero and becomes his sassy companion. I remember reading this first time around and it dawning on me how much Kaladin and Syl are like the Chief and Cortana.

So, given some “parallels” between these two things I wondered if some ideas from Stormlight would make sense in the Halo games. For example the Spren can manifest and fly around the person they’re bonded with when they interact with them; but they can choose who they appear to. Perhaps they change this up so that the AI shows up on the HUD of the Spartan but for cutscene purposes it’s as if they are there.

Also, they could borrow the idea of summoning the Spren as a physical weapon. Perhaps as a hardlight construct which the AI can form into. The main advantage of this in the books is that it can change the type of weapon at will from a dagger, to a spear, to a sword. Think it would be a tad broken gameplay wise if you had a limited charge energy sword as equipment but still.

They made a big deal about the Chief and the Weapon being a team and I think they would need to have her do a little more than open doors and make sure you don’t get lost. The character even makes a fair few jokes about being along for the ride as you do all the work.