This map must be the most unbalanced game map I’ve ever played. I wonder if there are statistics kept on how frequently these matches end by core destroy before the winning team even gets to 500 points. Or how many people quit this map vs. other maps.

Winning by core destruction rarely happens when I play and I play a lot of Warzone. But I agree that Stormbreak is so unbalanced especially at the beginning. If the enemy team kills Lochagos for 150 points then captures the Fortress you’re -Yoinked!- and it is really difficult to pull back from it. And I’d say close to quarter of my team mates quit every time that happens

I actually like this map better than both the other WZ maps. Obviously my experience has been different than yours but I’ve only seen one core destruction on Stormbreak. Most of the time it comes right down to the wire. Disagree with the placement of the NPC bosses though. The little alcove under the base on each teams side. Seems like that’s them trying to be a little too “balanced” and maybe think the hunters and the elite ranger should be a bit more in the open. But that’s a small thing and overall I love this map.

In my experience it doesn’t play that much differently than the other two maps. It’s certainly more linear, with only two realistic options to get from one side to the other. There aren’t any legendary boss spawns that require you hold the Fortress (frankly, I find the Fortress to be the least critical central base of all three maps).

I can’t give concrete evidence either way, but I feel like Blue base has advantage on Stormbreak.

I am also in agreement that Lochagos is too heavy a swing for that early on in the game. I’ve seen teams bounce back from it as often as not, it’s just so much momentum to overcome early on. Keep a boss there, by all means (or two! Apex has two hunters; ARC has zero in the Garage though), but 150 points? Good grief.

Stormbreak is still my second favorite of the three maps (ARC is the best, IMO), but it is painful to be on sometimes.