Stories from the universes

Hi all,

I recently started a fan fiction short stories blog. When Monty Oum passed away, Rooster Teeth Productions encouraged his fans to tribute Monty’s memory by creating something. So, I decided to do this. It’s taken a while to get a backlog together, but now I’m posting stories and the flow of writing is settling into place.

The blog’s basis is focusing on the characters behind the heroes in films and video games - the two-minute heroes. Halo is my favourite video game and will undoubtedly be one that I write about a lot - it was also the basis of the first post of the blog.

Anyway, I wanted to post the link up here and ask for some good old honest feedback. The Halo story is called ‘The beating heart’, and is about the Mjolnir Mk VI armour from Halo 2.

As stated, any and all feedback would be gratefully received.